For the past several days, I have woken up with the hardest erections. Peeing with an erection is hard (pun intended), imagine sitting while peeing with an erection. It’s also difficult getting the stream to start when I’m hard, so it delays my preparation every morning. I think this could be the result of no orgasm since 10/12. I often think about how challenging it is for folks who wear the chastity devices. I wondered what it must have been like when they first started wearing one, of it was challenging/discomforting getting an erection while wearing it. I also think about the feeling of getting erections when I get my PA piercing. I’m sure it’ll be somewhat painful at first.

Side note: Speaking of piercings, I thought I’d give a little update on my nipples. My right nipple feels like most of it has fully healed. I’ve been using Whole Foods brand soap when I shower after my workout, and soaping up the piercings so I can move it around. There’s only a small area where I feel soreness, like it’s still trying to heal. The scabbing and crusting has minimized quite a bit. I think another couple weeks and it could be fully healed.

No Nut November

I have heard of “No Nut November” mostly because of a few random Facebook posts from some of my gay friends. I can officially say, after last night, I unexpectedly participated in No Nut November. No orgasms for me.

Saturday night, I was playing with my Nintendo Switch. While playing, S had been pinching this one spot on the back of my left arm periodically. I felt the punches happening more frequently, when S said “Why don’t you put that away now?” It was getting late, so I said “Ok, sure thing.” She had Her wood carved knife in Her hand, poked me in the ribs, and said “This needs to come off, glasses too.” “Yes Ma’am,” I said, and after I removed them, She began running the tip along my body. She pinched my healed nipple, and even hooked her knife into the hoop and tugged a bit. I followed Her lead with the blade, and felt a bite on my ear. She also began lightly choking me, applying pressure in the right spots. She was hitting all my buttons, and running Her blade all over my body, including my head. She laid across the couch as She pulled Her top off, revealing Her breasts, which I worshipped with my mouth. I kissed Her all the way down to her pants, where I untied Her waistband with my teeth. I pulled off Her pants, and Her underwear shortly after. Her scent drew me in, and She turned on some music. I was more focused on Her, licking and kissing Her. Her pleasure was my only concern. S had adjusted Herself so my face was buried in Her. She was warm, wet, and I was loving it. I licked up a lot of Her juices, but we had to switch positions, since my stubble was an issue. Since the couch was proving impractical, we moved the activities upstairs to the bedroom. I laid on the bed, and She said “Get hard for Me.” “Yes Ma’am,” I replied. I began rubbing and stroking, trying not to do too much, as I haven’t had an orgasm since October 12. She mounted me, and even though I wasn’t hard, She still rode me, but put Her vibrator just above my semi-hard penis. The vibrations should have made me hard, or cause me to climax, but my penis betrayed me. I don’t really recall the exact wording S said to me, but I remember Her saying “All you are are holes to be filled, toy.” That stayed in my head- I’m just a toy, just holes to be filled. That’s hot. She must have climaxed at that point, because She got off me, and we went to sleep.

When morning arrived, I had hoped we could continue our sexy time, but S went to take care of some things, and I continued to sleep. So, that is how I managed to be a participant in “No Nut November”. I wonder if it will be the same for the month of December, we will see.

New Underwear

So, in my journey to wear sexier underwear and show off in front of S, I bought a 4-pack of thongs. It actually turned out to be a 5-pack (better deal), so I took some pics last night after modeling them. Enjoy 😉


It’s Sunday morning and I take my usual morning pee before heading downstairs. S has texted me, “Get dressed downstairs, I have some things laid out for you.” I finish up, wash my hands, brush my teeth and head downstairs. I was only wearing my collar, but I saw on the coffee table my harness. I put on my harness, and step into the dining room to find my kilt, socks, my black button up shirt, jock strap, and a butt plug with some lube. S, getting dinner ready in the crock pot, says “I have some tasks for you this morning before we do anything else.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I reply. I step into the bathroom with the lube and butt plug, applying some to the plug, and some around and inside my hole. I relaxed, slowly began to insert the plug until it was in as far as it could go. A little precum dropped out, so I caught it with my finger and licked it. I proceeded to put on my jock strap, making sure the straps didn’t twist up. Then, I put on my socks, the button up shirt, and finally my kilt. “Ok Ma’am, I’m ready,” I say.

S inspects me. She lifts my kilt, pushes on my plug, adding pressure to my prostate. I groan a little, feeling my boy bits twitch in the front. She reaches around, squeezes my bulge. I gasp a little. “Good boy. Can you get us some doughnuts from the downtown shop? Take the bus today.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I say as I grab my wallet, phone, and my hat. I put on my shoes, kiss S, and head out the door. I power walk my way to the stop, each step causing the plug to move around inside me. I’m tight enough that it stays in place, and I can feel a little bit of drippage.

I get to the stop, and it only takes three minutes for it to arrive. Since my stop is the second one, there are only a couple people on the bus. I take a few seconds to scope out a seat, finally deciding on the back seat. I didn’t think it through, because as I sat down, and the bus took off, I could feel the vibrations of the engine through my seat, since the engine is in the back. The bumpy road only enhanced the vibrations, so I was sure I was turning a bit red with embarrassment. I was feeling a lot of pleasure though.

The bus packed quickly, so I kept to my phone to distract me. Nobody said anything about my kilt, they must have thought I was going to some event downtown. I got a few looks, but that was it. Then, the bus hit one huge pothole, and my plug felt like it fucked me, I let out a gasp and a moan. I looked to see if anyone heard me, and there were a few looks, nothing else.

The bus finally arrived downtown. I went to the doughnut shop and picked up four doughnuts. When I was finished, I received a text. “While you’re downtown, could you grab a bottle of Prosecco? Thanks!” So, I walk up the street to the liquor store. At this point, I barely notice the plug inside me, but I see the occasional pedestrian staring at the kilt. I get to the store, and feeling generous, I buy two bottles of Prosecco.

I head back to the bus stop, and wait a couple minutes for the bus. I feel a small breeze building up, and realize that I should probably sit down, as I don’t want to be arrested for putting on a show. Just then, the bus arrives. As I was the next person to get on the bus, the breeze intensified, and the back of my kilt was lifted slightly. “Fuck,” I thought to myself, since I had no available hands. I swiped my card and sat closer to the front. It was the same bumpy ride back, the plug teasing my prostate, and I’m pretty sure I’ve stained my jock strap all the way through.

I get to my stop, power walk my way home. My hole is gripping on to the plug, but I can feel it starting to slip out a little. I continue my power walk to the house. I made it just in time. I got in, put the Prosecco and doughnuts down. I kiss S, and hold my plug in place. S pulls my hand away. “Did you enjoy your adventure?” She slides Her hand up my inner thigh, to my crotch. Instead of grabbing my crotch, She reaches deeper and presses on my plug. I gasp and nod with a smile, lifting my leg a little. “That bus ride was bumpy.” She felt the sticky spot on my jock strap. “I guess it was!” She laughed a bit.

S took out the bottle of Prosecco. “Open this for me.” “Yes Ma’am,” and I slowly pour it into the pitcher. She looks at me “Why are you still dressed? You’re home now.” I stop what I’m doing and immediately undress. Still wearing my collar and harness, I grab two glasses and the pitcher of mimosa and bring them to the table. I pour us glasses, and we each take a doughnut. I kneel in front of her, resting my butt on my heels to apply pressure to my plug. “Good boy,” S says to me. I smile and sip my mimosa.


I haven’t posted for a while lately, so I thought I would share an update on things, as well as some pictures.

I may have mentioned my tattoo idea in a previous post. I was looking up infinity knots on google, and this was the most accurate to what I am looking for. I don’t know if I want to do it in black though. I showed S the picture and She said we could try things out with some rope sometime to see if we can get a more realistic rope design tattoo. This was not only a suggestion/solution for my poor track record with bracelets S has gifted me (since I can’t wear my collar to work), but a symbol of my devotion, loyalty, and faith that I put in my relationship with S. She is my everything, and I am “Bound To Serve Her”.

Speaking of wearing collars in public places, Thanksgiving in 2016, S and I went to Legal Sea Foods to have thanksgiving dinner with my mom and her friend. I didn’t realize it until I sat at the table, that I forgot to take off my collar before leaving the house. “Didn’t you say you needed to use the bathroom?” S said, as she noticed it too. I got up and headed to the bathroom, luckily I was wearing one of my turtleneck sweaters, so it wasn’t as noticeable to anyone in the restaurant. I took it off in the bathroom and put it in my pocket. This thanksgiving, we are eating with my mom and her friend again, and I will remember to leave the collar at home.

I have been feeling more comfortable with myself in public, and have been taking it upon myself to wear some of my kinkier underwear to work. Ok, so maybe it’s just on the weekends for the jockstrap, but my bikini briefs I purchased, I wore them a few times to my full time job since I purchased them. I love the way they feel, and I feel sexy wearing them, and only I know about it until I undress at home. Since S has been battling a cold, there hasn’t been a lot of time to have sexy fun times, so I figured I could at least give S some eye candy. Working out at the gym has helped give me a confidence boost as well.

Piercing progress: I think in one of my last posts, I mentioned that I bumped my piercing again, causing it to bleed immediately. I have been cleaning it with the saline wipes I got off Amazon, and using some ointment, which has helped. I am still experiencing minor soreness, and the other things I’ve done to help speed up the healing have helped a bit (wearing tank top/t-shirts to bed, sleeping more on my left side/facing up). It is frustrating how long it’s taking this nipple to heal compared to the other one, but I am being patient. I just need to be careful with it, and maybe by December it should be fully healed.

Piercing Progress

I had planned on posting about the recent progress on my nipple piercings. Unfortunately, last night I had an incident where a fruit fly got in my way and when I swatted at it, I grazed my hoop and slightly pulled my piercing. It immediately began to bleed, and it immediately pissed me off. I’ve been doing so well with it, and now I’ve set myself back AGAIN.

It’s not a great quality picture, but you can see a little bit of dried blood on one side. I shaved around it so the hair wouldn’t interfere with the healing, as I have been struggling with my right nipple for way too long compared to my left nipple. This has become annoying, I’m hoping within a month to have this closer to healing up, no more setbacks.


I have been losing things lately. A few weeks ago, my glasses fell out of my pocket on the bus and I had to buy new ones. This past week, I lost my chain mail bracelet. The clip that kept it on my wrist was losing its durability, and the bracelet kept coming undone and would fall off just about everywhere. I guess the last time it happened so fast and quietly that I never noticed until it was too late. I had that bracelet for around 25 years, I purchased it at King Richard’s Faire when I was in my early teens. While I am sad that I lost it, and feel naked without a bracelet, I brought up the idea with S to get a tattoo around my wrist. I was thinking the idea I had for the rope armband could work better as a rope bracelet/wristband. She liked the idea, and said we could discuss it more later.

Strange Dream

I had woken up in the middle of the night to feel if I was still intact, because I had a strange dream where my penis was detachable. I carried it around in my hand and was playing with it. It was strange, and had me worried (in the dream word) that I wouldn’t be able to put it back on.