I got my second pedi, this time going with red. S asked another one of her friends to join us. We had fun, and I think he might tag along again in the future!

Piercing Progress

I had planned on posting about the recent progress on my nipple piercings. Unfortunately, last night I had an incident where a fruit fly got in my way and when I swatted at it, I grazed my hoop and slightly pulled my piercing. It immediately began to bleed, and it immediately pissed me off. I’ve been doing so well with it, and now I’ve set myself back AGAIN.

It’s not a great quality picture, but you can see a little bit of dried blood on one side. I shaved around it so the hair wouldn’t interfere with the healing, as I have been struggling with my right nipple for way too long compared to my left nipple. This has become annoying, I’m hoping within a month to have this closer to healing up, no more setbacks.


I have been losing things lately. A few weeks ago, my glasses fell out of my pocket on the bus and I had to buy new ones. This past week, I lost my chain mail bracelet. The clip that kept it on my wrist was losing its durability, and the bracelet kept coming undone and would fall off just about everywhere. I guess the last time it happened so fast and quietly that I never noticed until it was too late. I had that bracelet for around 25 years, I purchased it at King Richard’s Faire when I was in my early teens. While I am sad that I lost it, and feel naked without a bracelet, I brought up the idea with S to get a tattoo around my wrist. I was thinking the idea I had for the rope armband could work better as a rope bracelet/wristband. She liked the idea, and said we could discuss it more later.

Strange Dream

I had woken up in the middle of the night to feel if I was still intact, because I had a strange dream where my penis was detachable. I carried it around in my hand and was playing with it. It was strange, and had me worried (in the dream word) that I wouldn’t be able to put it back on.


Yesterday was my day off. I went upstairs to put on some fresh bed sheets, and once I was finishing up, S came up to join me. She got undressed and I got the hint we were going to have some fun, so I got undressed. I kissed Her, then proceeded to kiss Her everywhere, suckling on her nipples. She ordered me to get plugged, so I stopped what I was doing to find the butt plug. She began to watch some porn while I looked for the plug. I struggled a bit with the plug, since I hadn’t used it in months, or possibly since last year, so I was feeling a bit tight. When I got it in though, I went back to pleasuring Her with my mouth. I kissed Her feet, sucked on her big toe. I felt Her move one leg from under me so She could push on my plug with Her foot. I could feel the pressure of the plug inside me with every push. I worked my way toward Her vulva, licking and kissing, and sucking Her clit, imagining I was giving the best blowjob for Her. I was asked if I was hard, and I couldn’t really tell if I was because of the plug. I got up to check and I was semi-hard, so S edged me a bit, and pinched my nipples. I got a bit harder. “On your back.” So I got on my back, holding the plug for a bit while She got Herself positioned on top. I don’t think I ever got fully hard, but She rubbed against whatever I had, and I could feel the plug still moving around inside me. I suckled on Her breasts, and She commanded me to stop as She came. We napped for a bit afterward, and I stayed in bed a little longer. I was impressed that I stayed plugged the entire time I was napping. There was no indication of it slipping out.

Nipple piercing progress: due to our fun time, my right nipple suffered a minor setback, so healing process has regressed a bit. It’s still sore this morning, hopefully it’ll be better later on.


My bus was super late this morning, so I felt like writing a story.

I slowly awaken in bed, and feel that I am fully erect. I move around, facing S, nudging my head into Her chest. She reaches down and feels it. “Well, good morning,” She says, and She gestures to me to wait a minute. She gets up, reaches in Her drawer, and pulls out Her strap-on, a dildo, lube, and a small vibrator. I’m watching on, still hard, as She puts on the strap-on. She climbs back into bed, pins me on my back, pinches my nipples. She leans in, nibbles on my ear lobe. I gasp, and attempt to spread my legs. “Relax,” She whispers, as I feel Her hands guide Their way down my sides, my thighs, and finally behind my knees. She pushes my knees toward my shoulders; in my mind, I’m thinking about how much I like where this is going. “Hold this position,” She says, as She grabs the bottle of lube. “Yes Ma’am,” I say, as I await Her next command. She grabs a rubber glove, puts it on, and begins to apply lube on Her fingers. The hand without a glove on, She winds up and gives a hard slap to each of my ass cheeks. “Spread them.” She commands, and I move my hands down to spread my cheeks, providing a view of my clean shaven hole. I feel Her gloves hand massaging my hole with Her lubed fingers. I feel Her index, then Her middle finger slide in with ease. I let out a sigh, as I feel Her fingers move in and out, twirling around inside me. A little droplet of precum oozed out of the top of my erection and onto my stomach. It left a thin, stringy trail from the tip. My focus on the precum was so strong that I didn’t realize S had pulled out Her fingers. She had put lube on Her dildo in her strap-on harness while I was distracted. She began by rubbing the tip up and down my ass crack. When She would approach my hole, She would slip just the tip in me, and I would gasp, then rub it up and down my crack again, and push it in my hole a little deeper. She kept this going until She buried her whole dildo inside of me. “Ughhhhhh,” I moaned, as I held my legs in place. She thrust into me slowly and gently at first, but She quickly increased Her pace. “Let go of your legs,” She said, and as I complied, She rested my legs around Her hips, and began gripping my neck with one of Her hands. I used my free hands to grip my ass, spread my cheeks wider, so I could feel Her enter me deeper. I struggled to moan and scream, as S was gradually increasing Her grip around my neck. My erection faded for a minute, but grew back as I felt my ability to breathe fade for a second. My eyes locked with Hers, and said with my eyes,”take me now, Sir.” She plowed into me harder, faster, and I could feel my eyes tear up, as I let out a tiny scream through my limited passage, and then I felt Her pull out. She got up, took off the strap-on, and sat next to me on the bed. I looked down and saw a puddle of cum gathered on my stomach, matting my hair to my skin. Without instruction, I ran a finger in the puddle and put it on my lips. I licked my lips, tasting my salty cum. “Clean it up,” S said, and just then, I used three fingers to scoop up the rest and sucked my fingers clean, swallowing it all. “Good boy,” She said, rubbing my head. I felt Her guiding my head toward Her chest, so I leaned in. I took Her nipple in my mouth, suckling on it, hearing Her breaths grow heavier. I move one hand toward Her thigh, caressing and massaging Her inner thigh. I feel a nudging, which I take as a hint to move, so I kiss my way down Her body, until I approach Her bush. I breathe in Her scent, and gently rub Her labia, kissing Her inner thighs. I kiss closer to Her labia, and move my way toward Her clit. I lick, kiss, and begin to suck it. I lick up and down Her vulva, savoring Her juices. Her breathing gets heavier, as I can hear Her moans get louder. I feel Her hand grip the back of my thigh, digging Her nails in and dragging them down. I let out a muffled moan, sending vibrations to Her clit. She pulls Her thighs closer together, gripping my head. I continue to service Her, licking and sucking away, like it is my last meal. My ears are covered by Her thighs, but I still hear Her moans, getting louder. I hear some fumbling around, and suddenly feel something vibrating against my balls. She pulled out Her vibrator, and pressed it against the back of my balls. I feel the vibrations, and it’s getting me semi hard, but enough for me to moan some more. She squeezes tighter, moaning louder, and moving Her clit along my face, and I feel Her soak my face with Her juices. She releases Her thigh grip, pushes me aside.

“Grab me some coffee.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Grab one for yourself too.”

“Thank You, Ma’am.”

I went downstairs, made some coffee, and brought them upstairs. When I came up, I found S sitting up in bed, on Her phone, and next to her was a butt plug, lube, and a container of skin cream.

She looks up at me, “Get plugged. My feet need attention.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I put down my coffee, prepare myself, and insert the plug. I get on the bed, open the container, and begin applying cream and rubbing Her feet. Considering how hard She worked my ass earlier, I am amazed I could keep the plug inside.

Last Day of Vacation

With my last day of vacation, S gave me a to-do list, as She always does when I’m home and She works. While looking for some duct tape to fix the dog’s bed, I happened to come across my harness. It’s tough to resist putting it on, but I thought I would model with some photos (which I cropped a lot- can’t have my face in the pics).

I managed to finish, it was a long task. I’ve got a shift tonight, then back to work the 9-5 tomorrow.

Saturday Night

S took me with Her so we could get pedicures. It was my first time, so I was a bit lost at first. S took a picture of my feet, as did I.

I like it so much, I would like to do it again. Maybe a manicure as well 😊 I have been doing better with not biting my nails as of late.


This morning was fun. I didn’t reach two months, as we had sex this morning. As much as I tried not to, I came. It felt like a lot too.

I don’t really have much to say at the moment. Just thinking about how many days I can go this time around.

Intrigued By Locktober

This morning was another morning where I woke up with the hardest of erections, making it extremely difficult to pee. I think of those who have their chastity devices on, and wonder how it is to wake up with an erection, how long they last, and if it occurs throughout the day while being locked up. There must be a lot of squirming around, and trying to think thoughts that could try to kill the erection, unless you’re looking to feel the tight quarters become tighter.

I think the whole Locktober thing has me more intrigued about chastity devices than before. I like the look of them. I don’t know how I would manage in a chastity device, but I think it could be a lot of fun. Fun from a tease, denial, CBT perspective.

I am ten days away from two months without release, and my only thoughts are that I love being touched, teased by S. While I want to release, I want to continue to see how long I can go. I believe I can go longer. I love the way Her touch warms me up all over, I feel electricity shoot to my balls. I curl up next to Her on the couch and hold closer, like Her little pet. It’s a want, but more of a need, to be touched, and I want to touch, feel, and please Her more.

I’m growing hard again as I write this. Pretty sure my underwear has a little precum spot, as will my gym shorts as I work out this morning.