Long time

So, I mentioned in September that it had been a year since I got my nipples pierced.

About a week or so after the year mark, S took me back to the place to get hoops. I’m not sure how long after I took this picture, but I had it saved in here so I could update eventually. I thought I had already posted this before, but I’ve had a lot on my plate. I think I’m approaching the two month mark within the next week or so. It has been a process of healing all over again. I have been thinking that I’ll eventually get a bigger gauge than what’s in right now. Also, I’m still debating a Prince Albert piercing. I think it would look good on me, but I worry about the healing process down there, seeing as I’m uncut.

Also, I had mentioned that I was going to keep track of my orgasms, and since that date, I’ve only had 3 orgasms- 7/22, 8/13, and 10/19, all through intercourse. I’ve been thinking about it, and I think the next time I have an orgasm, I should clean it out of Her with my tongue, if She wishes for me to do so.

It’s been tough to do anything sexual, since we have a dog now, but we’ve found some moments here and there.


Then And Now

A couple weeks ago marked a year of having my nipples pierced. Within that year, I managed to maintain following the cleaning/aftercare instructions provided to me by the piercing shop.

While the left one healed within a few months, the right one took a while longer. I think around late June/early July, it showed signs of fully healing. Last weekend, S surprised me by taking me back to get some new jewelry. So now I have hoops, and this is taking some getting used to again, as the right one is a bit sore and getting scabby.

There was a suggestion that I go for thicker/bigger size bars/hoops, but I don’t know if I’m ready for that yet, since these are getting back into the healing process. I like the hoops though, they are a bit more fun to play with.

The above picture was the combination of before I got them pierced and after I got them pierced, and the lower picture is the hoops.


Touch has been a strange subject for me. I’ve always been a welcoming recipient of touching. I love the feeling of someone’s fingers and hands exploring my body, and immediately turning to mush when they touch a highly sensitive spot (like the back of my head, lower back, sides, and hip bones). I love my ears and nipples being touched as well- they aren’t as sensitive, but they’re up there, and it feels really good.

Something about being touched brings me deeper into submission, my mind and body begging for more, but knowing it could just be teasing.

I like to touch as well, but with it being summer, I know S doesn’t handle heat well, and sometimes my touch can be too warm/hot for Her. I stick mostly to stroking Her legs, rubbing lotion on Her feet, giving Her an intimate foot rub, involving a little licking and suckling of Her toes.


Lately, I’ve been wearing my harness more regularly. It’s actually brought me to thinking about my place. I feel like I have so much more to go with how I am as a sub. I do what I believe to be a lot of things around the house to lighten the workload for S, yard work, cleaning, and many other things. We have our ritual of putting on my collar when I get home after I undress, just before dinner. I think since I have started wearing my harness, I have found myself choosing to sit on the floor after dinner while S and I watch tv. While I think we both enjoy me cuddling up to Her on the couch, I’m starting to feel a little more desire to sit at Her feet.

I feel like the harness has amped up my submissiveness. I like it.


One thing I used to do when I was bored and alone was read some erotica on the website Literotica. It was interesting to see how creative people could get with stories, and how descriptive some could get. I’ve read some bad ones as well, but there were some writers I liked a lot, and what I finally broke down and did a few years back was create a profile and save some of the writers under my favorites. The funny part is, I never thought much about writing anything until I was single. I would read some of the mediocre ones and think to myself “I could do a better job at writing that.”

Anyway, long story short- I like erotica, I think I may go back to posting a few erotic stories, and if I get enough likes for my stories, I may upload them to my Literotica profile, and FetLife as well. I know my writing needs some improvements here and there, but that’s what the practice is for, right?

How’d You Fit All That Ass In That Shot?

Most of my friends, coworkers, and social media followers know that I go to the gym every weekday. I don’t like to be the mirror hog when my other coworkers are in the locker room getting ready, so I take advantage of the moments when I’m the only person in the locker room. I snap a quick booty shot and send it to S. This is a compilation of all the shots I’ve taken in the past, and the most recent one, today, is the first one. I didn’t send that one to Her, but I wanted it to be a part of this collage. The middle bottom shot is actually from home. As you can tell, I’m very proud of my ass.

Active Week

Beginning last Thursday, S and I got tattoos. It is S’ first tattoo, and my fourth- First color tattoo though. We were there so long that we closed the place. We went to Unicorn Ink in North Providence. Nick was the name of our artist, and he did a phenomenal job.

In the picture, my arm is on the left, and S’ is on the right, but the tattoos are on the opposite arms (her left and my right). Confusing enough, right? This tattoo represents our love, and how we’ve evolved as a couple and individually- Love is Love, Love is forever.

I have been working on updating my FetLife profile, as some of the info was a bit dated, and I’ve been trying to be more active in some of the groups I joined. I will say, I miss those Art Nights. If anyone wants, I can show up and pose nude for you while you draw me. I’ve been working out and it shows. Only if S allows it, of course. I’ve realized I haven’t been as active as I could be, and I think I need to upload more photos as well.

I’ve also decided make something in my notes app to record dates I am allowed to cum. Since Sunday, 7/22 was my most recent, that’s the date I wrote in it. I’m going to mark it as “I” for intercourse, as how my orgasm was achieved. I have a little table laid out:

I- Intercourse

R- Ruined

H- Hand Job

P- Prostate

O- Oral

V- Vibrator

D- Dildo

A- Anal

It doesn’t have to be one specific letter, it can be a combination of any letters. Just something fun I made up today to keep track of orgasms.

CBT, Chastity, Tease/Denial, and Genital Piercings

So, I think back to my last orgasm, and it has to be around three weeks. I’ve been busy with work, so I haven’t done a great job of keeping track. But anyway, I have enjoyed the little teasing and denial I have encountered, and usually it just takes a little touch. It can be anywhere. On my head, a twirling of my chest hair, teasing of my nipples, or any form of foot play on my cock. Oh, the joys of having my cock under Her foot. I love when She makes it disappear, and the pressure of the foot on it triggers my arousal. The foreskin slips back, leaving the tip vulnerable to touch, gentle or rough, and it’s more intense. It can be more fun when pressure is applied to my balls. I love when She squeezes them, in Her hands or with Her feet. I visualize it, a lot, and think about the beautiful color of Her toenails that She just got done, and I get into a zone.

I recall a while back how S wants to eventually get into sounding. I watched a video a long time ago on some site where a Domme used sounds on a sub, putting them in his urethra. As painful as it looked, I couldn’t stop watching. It really intrigued me. I don’t know much about sounding, I wonder if it’s something I would enjoy. Knowing what S has tried on me so far, I’ll probably love it. I’ve never had anything inserted in my urethra, so I bet it will feel very strange at first.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about is genital piercings. The only reason I’ve been thinking about them is because my nipples are pretty much healed at this point (although I do have a red spot developing on my right nipple, but that’ll go away eventually), and S had mentioned the Prince Albert piercing a few times since then.

So I did some research on the Wikipedia page, and found various piercings I could get. I don’t know about the ones on the left, but the frenum piercing looked like it would be nice out of that group. The ones on the right, I think either variation of the Prince Albert would look good. I keep thinking of the pain and healing factor. It looks like on average, the max healing time is six months. As an uncut male, I don’t know how much more intense the piercing will be, like when I actually get it pierced. I did put together a collage of photos of my cock, to make a little bit of a comparison.

Its a lot to think about, and a commitment to getting my genitals pierced, much like I did with my nipples. I haven’t looked into prices yet, because I’m still not fully sure yet. I will say that my interest in getting it done has gone from “never” to about 58% want to get it done. I feel like piercings are like tattoos- once you get one, you want more.

Happy Pride!

Ok, so we may not have made it to Pride Rhode Island, but we celebrated by watching some Queer Eye the night before. We also watched Sense8’s series finale earlier in the week.

I did get S a couple presents. I purchased a non-binary flag, along with an nb planet t-shirt. It’s adorable. I was so excited to get Her something fun.

I’ve noticed it’s been a little over nine months since I got my nipples pierced. The left one is pretty much healed, next to no crustiness at all. The right one has shown major progress over the last month. No more spots of blood, and next to no crustiness as well. I’ve been thinking about whether or not it’s time to get shorter bars or even upgrade to hoops.

It has also brought me to thinking about whether I want to follow through with any other piercings, like a Prince Albert. I’m not sure I’m ready for it, but I may start researching it sometime. I think another tattoo may come before I decide on another piercing. I’ve been thinking of a few ideas. One would be a bi pride flag either as an armband or just above the ankle, another one could be my grandmother’s initials in scrabble tiles, and another idea I was thinking was a heart where it’s half bi flag, half non binary flag to represent S and myself as partners. Just some brainstorming.

I also think watching Queer Eye has increased my interest in trying things with other men. I occasionally find myself thinking about making out, caressing, or even fucking a guy. I’ve never been more open to it more than now. I’m not sure if it’s because I’m in a relationship where I’m encouraged, or if it’s because I came out as bi last year, and the feelings just kind of flow. It’s an interesting journey.

I’ve also thought a lot about tease/denial, and how I enjoy it. I feel that I grow more submissive, more cuddly every day that passes. It also brings the idea of me being in chastity to my mind. I’ve said I’d be willing to take that step. I think it would be fun. Maybe it could start with weekends, and progress from that. I don’t know, the possibilities are endless.

It’s been an uncomfortable week weather wise, and I’ve been working a lot at both jobs, so not much else has been going on.

I’ve Been Quiet

I know it’s been a while, but I blame it mostly on work. There has been so much random shit going on at both jobs. At the full time gig, we just got a new software update that has MAJOR flaws, as in it keeps crashing, and the server can’t handle it. At the part time job, we have lost a few of our coworkers, as one left for a brewing job, and two others moved back to their home states. It’s been hard to break out of the workplace mentality after I leave work. Perhaps blogging more can help change that.

Enough about work, that’s not the point of this blog. I think one thing I haven’t done in a while is plug myself, but I think the last time I tried that, my plug wouldn’t stay in place. It slipped out, making me wonder if a few possibilities. Is my ass stretched out too much for that plug? Did I use too much lube? Was I not empty enough for it to stay in place? I’m pretty sure I was, though. Whatever the case may be, I’ve been thinking maybe I’ll give the plug another try this weekend, and if it doesn’t stay in place, perhaps I should get a bigger one. There’s also a glass one that S had before She took me in, maybe I could try that one at some point. It’s got two notches(if that’s the term?), I bet it would feel good inside me and stay in place.