Days Off

I feel bad S is sick for our time off, but I helped get Her off yesterday 😊

Today, I realized it’s been a full month with my piercings in. There hasn’t been any sign of infection, maybe one spot of blood, mild scabbiness, and some crustiness. A chest hair got stuck in the ball where it screws into the bar, but that’s expected since I have a good amount of hair on my chest.

I think my next body art venture will be with one of my tattoo ideas, which I may/may not have shared. The first one I was thinking of doing is an armband of rope around my left arm. Another one I thought of was the M.C. Escher drawing of ants on a Möbius strip. I’d get that one somewhere on my leg. I have other ideas too, but those would be my next choices.


Non-kink Post

With everything that’s been happening in the world, it’s become harder for me to ignore it all. Not like I try to avoid what’s going on, I just like to be able to escape it on my personal time. It’s become difficult, even with S teasing/denying me and serving me dessert (Her pussy). The string of hurricanes destroying the Caribbean island nations, and especially the Vegas shooting, have been on my mind. The way our sad excuse for a president has been handling it hasn’t helped at all. He’s the least humanitarian president I’ve ever seen. I honestly don’t think we’ve had a more unlikable president. Andrew Jackson was pretty terrible, I’d say it’s between those two.

Anyway, I’m not trying to bring the mood down, just explaining why I haven’t been blogging lately. I have let my imagination run wild here and there. Last night, I thought up a scenario where S teased my nipples by gently touching them with Her nails. She tells me to masturbate. So I start rubbing and stroking away as I get hard. Once I start building up a good rhythm, She commands me to stop, so I stop, and we watch my hard cock twitch. She then commands me to continue stroking, and stroke faster. Still touching my nipples, She continues to command me to stroke harder and faster, my breathing gets heavier and I let out a few moans. I feel an orgasm build up, and I’m looking at Her, giving Her the look like I’m about to climax. She says “Keep going, don’t stop”, so I continue. My legs twitch, balls tighten, and I release, a long stream of cum all over me. “Don’t stop” She says. So I keep stroking. I’m feeling so sensitive and sore, but I work through it, even giggling a bit, because that’s how my brain works. I keep stroking, She keeps playing with my nipples, and I feel my soft cock start growing hard again in my hand. She commands me to keep stroking, and while it takes longer this time around, I feel my whole body twitch and I cum hard again. She then tells me to stop, and commands me to lick my hand clean. I do so with pleasure, and I clean the rest of the mess I made on myself, collecting it on my fingers and feeding myself. 

Nipple Status Update

It’s been nearly two weeks (12 days, to be exact) since I got my nipples pierced. I wish the healing process didn’t take so long. There hasn’t been any soreness, infection, or any of the bad stuff. They’ve gotten crusty, and the right nipple got a bit scabby, but that’s about it. One thing that’s been tough for me is being careful doing my everyday activities. It’s hard handling packages, trying to avoid bumping the piercings on boxes, cases of booze, and the toughest one- sleeping in a position where it doesn’t put any pain/pressure/stress on the piercings. 

It’s so damn difficult resisting the urge to play with them too, as S will agree with me on that. I’ll admit, with the aftercare, they are more sensitive and it feels really good. I’ve also been having a growing urge to eat S’ pussy, but because of the piercings, it has to wait. 

Something I’ve been thinking about lately is it’s been a while since I wore my cuffs. I fantasized about being cuffed, tied to the bed, S gently touching my nipples with a finger and massaging my head with her nails. I have nowhere to go as I hump the air. She chokes me and I feel myself start to lose consciousness as she lets go, and goes right back to teasing my nipples. At this point I’ve oozed a puddle right near my belly button. She then positions Herself over my head, lowers Her pussy onto my face, and I start licking, kissing, and suckling away at Her juices while She teases my cock, making it drool some more. My moans vibrate against Her clit, and then She begins to stroke my cock. She works it up to a steady pace, then stops. She goes back to stroking and based on my moans, She strokes faster until She knows I’m about to explode… and She stopped right there, just as I felt my orgasm approach. But I managed to cum, and I just continued to bury my face in Her pussy, licking Her, tasting Her, slowly losing my breath while She smothers me with Her pussy. I don’t care if I suffocate, as long as I please Her, and She eventually cums and gets off me. I see Her take two of Her fingers, scoop up some of my cum off me, and She inserts Her fingers in my mouth. I eagerly suck Her fingers clean, with a look in my eyes that I want more. So She scoops up more with three fingers and feeds it to me. She then decides to untie me and I clean myself off. 

(I’m a little rusty with the fantasy writing, since I haven’t written in what feels like a long time.)

Mission Accomplished 

I thought I’d like to share with you one of my goals I hoped to achieve this year. I went with S to Rockstar Body Piercing and got my nipples pierced. Here’s the before/after picture:

It hurt only a little bit on the left, the right was a little more painful, nothing more than the feeling of getting a tetanus shot. I teared up a bit for the right nipple. The only downside is I can’t touch them for a while, and I’ll have to treat them with some aftercare three times a day the next several months, but I love the way they look and it’s worth it in the long term.


S was away for the weekend to celebrate Her daughter’s 21st birthday. I missed Her being here, but I kept up the house just as She required me to do. I did have a bit of downtime- I went to a coworker’s birthday celebration, watched a movie Sunday night (Army of Darkness), and fed myself quite well the whole time. Being alone left me with dirty thoughts too, so I held the black cock in my hand and massaged it a bit. I brought it to bed with me one night and slept with it, I wanted to bond with it, connect with it. When I told S this, She gave me permission to use it, but I was not allowed to cum. I was fine with that, so I lubed up and proceeded to insert. Even with all the ass play I’ve had, I still struggled to relax at first, but I got it in and played with it for a bit. I tried walking to the bathroom to clean off my hands and somehow loosened up and the cock slipped out. Frustrated, I tried again, but it didn’t want to stay. I might have used too much lube, but I’m not a quitter, I want to keep fucking that cock. I slept with it again, this time I woke up with a pretty strong hard-on. I had an idea. I was curious to see how I measured up to the cock, and I took this picture (WARNING–DICK PIC):

I think it got a little softer as I took the picture, but that’s a humbling moment, comparing toys. I probably should have pulled back the foreskin, but I don’t know if that would’ve mattered. 

Anyway, we had our softball playoff match last night, and suffered another defeat, 12-10. Our season is over, but I am going to deliver my promise, which was to get my nipples pierced. I was thinking of meeting up with S once the bus drops me off and we could go to the piercing place and make an appointment. I hope to get it soon, as I’ve been wanting to do this since at least December.

Being Sore

I woke up with shaky legs this morning, and my ass and hips still sore from last night. I asked S if She would be pleased if I plugged myself while we had dinner. She said afterward. After dinner and cleanup, She sent me to the bedroom to get plugged. I asked Her if I could use the prostate massager at first, but She said no. She also said no to the ceramic one when I picked that one out. After looking for the big black cock, She told me to put it in. It took a while to relax so I could put it in, but I got it all the way in. It filled me up. I could feel pressure against my prostate and everything else inside me. She then turned on some music to set the mood, and proceeded to tease my nipples. She scratched my thighs and with words of encouragement, had me grinding the cock while sitting on the couch. It felt really good, the tip moving around inside me. She told me to make the bull cum inside me, so I rode harder, and I got more aroused and felt myself get harder and drip. She spread my legs, and I pushed harder on the cock with my ass. At that point, all I could think of wasn’t just how tired and worn my hips were feeling from fucking this cock, but I was loving how lost I got in the thoughts of some guy fucking me, how turned on I was, and how vulnerable and submissive I felt. She counted down from ten, and once She got to one, She told me to stop. I think I was close to cumming, but I didn’t care, I was in such an aroused state, I was happy to be filled. When I got up to unplug myself, I was so sore from fucking, I could barely walk. Considering I’m not in terrible shape, it was weird for me to be sore in the hips, but I think I may start doing more yoga, stretching, and maybe some more squats to help with my flexibility. That kind of soreness made me appreciate what it’s like to be on the receiving end of a hard fucking.

Happy Anniversary!

Today marks a year since I went on a date with S. This was unknowingly a day that would change my life for the better. As with most first dates, I was nervous, yet eager to impress and hopefully earn a second date with my future Goddess.

Tonight, we are having dinner at The Grange, same location as our first date. I feel like I’m in a much better place with Her, and I look forward to our relationship to continue to evolve as I serve Her in ways that please Her.

Sometime in the next couple weeks, I plan on arranging an appointment to get my nipples pierced. I think this is a great way to start off our second year together. 


I’m off this entire week. I always request the week of my birthday off in case I go somewhere, as every year has been just “fly to a destination”. 

This year I’m staying home and working around the house to get us ready for our housewarming party this Saturday. I’ve been doing some things around the house Monday, yesterday, and today, and Monday I ironed while wearing nipple clamps, and yesterday I took care of recycling and putting lights on the patio table umbrella while plugged.

I’ve really been enjoying plugging myself while doing house work, or just lounging around in the house. I enjoy the feeling of something filling my ass. I hope to be fucked someday, I know it will eventually happen. I bet there’s nothing like the real thing being inside me. I decided to post a video of me inserting my plug. 

Note: I reviewed this post and saw the still shot was upside down, panicked, but the video plays the right way. Enjoy!

Breath Play

Last night before we fell asleep, She engaged in some breath play with me. It started with gentle grips around my neck, evolving into firm squeezing and pressure on certain points around my neck. She even allowed me to get into missionary position, instructing me not to cum. It’s tough for me to edge in that position, especially since it’s been at least a year since I last had missionary style sex. Anyway, She instructed me to lie on my back again and get under Her. She knelt at my head and lowered Herself on my face. I was in heaven, I love facesitting. I smell Her pussy, taste Her juices, and it was blissful for me. I couldn’t breathe much, but I didn’t care, burying my face in Her bushy pussy was plenty satisfying. She got off my face and proceeded to get on my cock. Unfortunately, my cock wasn’t cooperating, so I suckled on Her breasts. She began suffocating me with Her breasts as I suckled harder. I heard Her saying something, but I was so floaty from suffocating and nursing on Her tits, Her words didn’t register. Sadly, I never got hard again, but Her choking me, smothering me with Her breasts, sitting on my face, that was far superior on the pleasure scale than climaxing. I know I can, and will make Her climax soon. I owe Her many orgasms.

New Activity

So, yesterday I was sick, and called out of work. I slept till 10, made breakfast, napped till around 12, cooked leftovers, then started on some housework S told me to take care of. I asked Her if I could do it plugged, and She granted me permission. I started off using the vibrating plug, but either I used too much lube or it’s too small, it kept slipping out. I switched to the blue one I have been using whenever I get to plug myself. Even though I don’t get hard from it, I still find to be highly arousing and pleasing, having my ass filled and stretched out. I dripped so much I had to wear underwear to avoid leaving a trail on the floor. 

After having it in for two hours, I’ve discovered how much I loved it. I feel like I should be plugged whenever I’m doing housework. I miss S’ black cock inside me as well, thoroughly pumping my ass, making me moan, on the edge of screaming in pleasure. Have I become a slut for ass play? I think I’ve always secretly wanted it, but now that I get to experience it openly, being plugged and pegged are things I’ll be begging for.