The PA Experience, Sexual Activity

Well, as S has pointed out to me, the longer I go without release, the more romantic and sexual I get. I’m really believing it, but there have been many factors that kept me on my current run- working many shifts in a row, the healing process for the PA, and the dog. This morning, however, I had the option to continue sleeping in after letting out the dog for his morning run in the yard, and I chose instead to engage in some sexual activity. I saw S’ breasts on display, and missed them in my mouth, I just went for it. She responded by stroking and teasing Her cock, squeezing and massaging Her balls. It felt so good feeling Her hand touch me there. She pinched and teased my nipples as well- since they’re fully healed, it felt great to have some nipple play. S reached for a condom after feeling that I was hard enough. I was ordered to hold the condom at the base so She could get me in. Once She was on top, She fucked me good. I didn’t feel any pain at all. The only feeling I had was being inside Her, and the throbbing of the head from being hard. She came, and kept going to make me cum, I wanted to feel it. I never did feel it, so I was ordered to hold the condom as She got off me. I removed the condom and saw that there was nothing in it, so I continue on with no release. I was happy She had an orgasm though, and I asked Her if She felt the piercing and She said “Oh yes, definitely,” with enthusiasm.

I was allowed to sleep a little more, but couldn’t sleep for much longer. I thought about it in bed, maybe I should have sex with a condom more often- I can’t recall ever having an orgasm with one on, it could be an option in the orgasm denial period. I am curious, though, knowing how it will feel without the condom.

Added note: one thing I like about the PA, is then I move the ring around, the beady end that comes out the urethra side feels pretty amazing when I get it in the tip of the urethra. If I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy sounding or not, I think this may have verified I might enjoy it, whenever we get to that activity.

I Was At This Show

I went to see Rammstein at the Worcester Palladium with my dad and my friend Mike. This was the show I went to, and my friend had told me and shown me what they were like live. The act they got arrested for was in the video (from what I remember) and they did it there, as well as New Hampshire a couple years later. I always recommend people see them if they ever get the chance.

Loving My Partner

This post will be all over the place.

I’m most grateful for taking the chance and messaging S on OKCupid three years ago. I rarely mention how much She means to me, and how different my life is, so much for the better. I think so many opportunities had come and gone, somewhere along the way, I lost the ability to verbally express my love for someone. When you’re in a long-term relationship that ends out of nowhere, a part of you just kind of stops for a moment and says “you’re not in a relationship, focus on you until you’re in a good place, then try again.” S was my last hope at this opportunity. I was on the verge of deleting all my dating app profiles if this didn’t work out. Luckily, I was worthy of Her love. I have my own ways of showing my love for someone, and in this case, since being submissive was necessary, I may have hit the jackpot. She said I would have to shave. I shaved before our next date. I have slowly learned some tasks around the house, but I’m getting there. I smile when I think of Her. Her beautiful eyes and smile. Her intellect, and punny personality. Her love of nature, and kink, and Her dominance over me, but also how encouraging She has been to me with helping me find my way submissively, sexually, and how She’s helped me. And how could I forget how amazing of a cook and baker She is? I’m forever grateful to be a part of Her life. Women like S had always been imaginary to me, like you’d only read about them in fictional tales, erotica stories, or in films. She is everything to me and I will continue to give my heart and soul to her. I’m not the best there is, but I strive to be, and I’m grateful for the amount of patience she has had for me over the years. I needed to say this because I don’t say it enough. I don’t have any good reason why, I guess I’m just generally pretty quiet.

More Pictures

I made a promise that I was going to provide pictures of the piercing fully healed. I took some at really weird angles, but you can see it.

I had to do some serious editing to the second picture, I couldn’t get the angle or lighting quite right.

The PA Experience, One Month

Yesterday it slipped my mind that it’s been a month with the PA. There hasn’t been much to report about. The bleeding was done in three or four days, the pain died down after a couple weeks. I’ve adapted well with it- most of the time I don’t even realize it’s there. I know it’s there, but it’s not bothersome. I don’t have a picture yet, maybe I’ll post them separately.

The first of next month it was suggested that we go back in for a checkup (six week mark), see how it’s healed, if I need a different ring, size change, etc. I like the one I have, and I’m open to going up another gauge, but I’m not going to go too far with gauge size. Of course, I would be looking into permission from S for that.

Day Off Housework

Even though yesterday was MLK Day, I took today off because of the overflow of work from the extended weekend. I got S’ permission to plug myself while I do some housework. I’m working on the bathroom as we speak, we’ll see how long I can keep it in. I’m sharing a video and picture- the video is long because I struggled getting it in in one shot. I’m out of practice, and my ass is pretty tight. It’s also hard to relax and focus when you have a dog pacing around.

Three Weeks

So… Three weeks in, and the mixing of my piercing with no orgasm has really affected my dreams. The other night, I had two dreams. One was where after my shift, I went to my old high school and rollerbladed naked through the hallways. Second dream, I had a massive erection, so I proceeded to jerk myself off. I wanted to see how it would come out with the piercing, and it wasn’t what I expected. It just kind of sputtered once, then dribbled down. I caught all of it with my free hand and proceeded to lick my cum out of my hand. Naturally, I woke up with an erection. That has been a challenge in the bathroom- peeing with an erection while sitting. I haven’t dealt with that since I was like 14. My first time peeing with an erection, I managed to pee through the gap between the seat and the bowl, getting my pants wet. I have been extra careful since I was 14 to not repeat this same event.

Anyway, the hole seems to be fully healed, no blood, the ring moves around without issues, and the foreskin seems to cover it nicely. The occasional bumping into things can give me a bit of soreness, but this healed so much faster than I expected. I think the real test will be to see how it holds up during sex.

Happy New Year!

Happy new year everyone! While I haven’t posted in a few days, I did manage to save up some pictures, thoughts, and updates on things. I’ll begin by speaking of my nipple piercings. It has taken far longer than I anticipated for my nipples to recover from getting hoops put in. I think it’s safe to say I can move the right hoop around without any issues, but I’m still monitoring it for a couple weeks, hoping it doesn’t migrate- I may have bumped it too much, prolonging the healing time. I’ve almost given up on the possibility of increasing the gauge by one size because of that.

I took some photos of the PA on New Year’s Eve, just afternoon my workout at the gym before my work shift began. I was the only person in the locker room, so I took my time and took pictures. They aren’t spectacular shots, as I think the focal point altered between the piercing and the testicles. Overall? I’d say the hole has healed. I don’t experience any bleeding, maybe some minor soreness if I sleep facing down. For today, I experienced some pinching from clothes when I went to pick up some packages, it wasn’t serious though. Anyway, here are the NYE pics:

I pulled back the foreskin because I felt this gave a better shot at seeing how well it’s healing. It’s hard to manage the angles, maybe I could do better in a different location.

I know they say that you need to wait at least two weeks before any sexual activity, but S and I decided to test the waters yesterday. I got pretty hard when She pressed Her foot on my testicles. I only got harder. “I guess I like getting my balls stepped on,” I said with an impressed smile. S decided we should go upstairs and continue the fun. Along the way, my erection faded, and we tried everything to bring it back. Nipple play, a gentle hand job, and even a small vibrator. I could feel an orgasm build, but I couldn’t get hard, and I never came. I then got the honor to please S with my mouth. Before I could begin, S suggested I should be plugged while doing so. I got up and grabbed my butt plug. It took some time to find the right lube for it, and felt like it took longer to insert it- I’m out of practice, maybe I should be plugging myself more frequently- but S played some gay porn to motivate me, and I think it worked, once I got in the right position. Once I got it in, I settled myself in a proper position and savored S’ body. I treated Her clit like it was a juicy cock to suck. I felt Her foot reach around and work the plug in my ass, occasionally spreading my cheeks with Her foot. I’d move my ass up in the air, like I was expecting a cock. There were moments where S would spread Her legs, then tighten them around my head- I couldn’t breathe, but I was still licking and sucking Her pussy. I could drink the juices at this point, but She was getting me going with Her gripping on my head between Her thighs. Once She came, I rolled over and laid next to Her. She got up a few minutes later and left me to nap, which I did for two hours. It was exciting, and I look forward to when I’m fully healed and get the OK to have sex.

I figure my next piercing update might be around the one month milestone.

I haven’t set any resolutions for the new year, but I’m thinking I should just focus on self improvement and being less selfish. I think I should be more open too, it’s about time I come out to more than just my close circle of friends and the internet. Few people know about me being bi and gender fluid.

The PA Experience Day 5, Day 6, Day 7

Started this post on Thursday, intended to finish Thursday-Sunday (any time in there).

Thursday, I decided to take a chance and not wear a pad. The previous two days there wasn’t any blood, so why not? I got through the work day with no issue. Not much else to report for Thursday.

Friday, I had difficulty staying asleep early in the morning, because I got an erection. I’m not sure if S had noticed, maybe She did, because I felt Her leg gently press against the shaft. I couldn’t go soft no matter what I ran through my head to distract myself, but at least I knew that it didn’t hurt to get one. Also, this morning I decided to not only go without a pad, but wear one of my thongs under a pair of boxer briefs. Also, while showering, I decided to shave down there, as it was getting stubbly. Not like I can do much down there right now, but I still want to look presentable for S. I had no pain today, no blood, just mild discomfort from either sitting wrong or bumping it accidentally.

Yesterday, I wore a more snug pair of pants. I felt mild discomfort occasionally, but it would go away when I went to the bathroom. It’s not as sore, I get a little bit of precum when I wipe it clean. I admit, I do find it to be a good look for me. I love how the foreskin covers it mostly.

A week into having this, and so far, I’m not having any issues. I think my biggest obstacle has been putting on my underwear and pants without bumping it. I like the 8g, and thought I might want to go up to a 6g, but now I’m not so sure. I like what I have, and can’t wait for it to fully heal.

It is Monday morning, and I’m not experiencing any soreness. I’ll be going to the gym when I arrive at work, we will see how I manage through a workout.

The PA Experience Day 3 and Day 4

I decided to combine days, since it’s now Christmas and it was a busy day yesterday.

Last night I spent fully nude for the first time in a while. I laid out a towel on the couch as usual. Peeing still mildly burns, but not much. I decided to go to bed nude as well, to see if I could do it. Lying facing up seems to work best, there was a moment I turned to one side and I felt some minor pain, but I adjusted. I didn’t wake up with an erection, and peeing was less painful this morning. Cleaning was just as easy as before, just pulling back the foreskin and using some toilet paper to wipe. I put a pad on just in case, this seems to be an easy routine to get used to. I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to do for workouts, since leg day seems to be out of commission for a bit. I walked up some stairs and realized I won’t be doing stairs for cardio. Looks like upper body and rowing will be my go-tos for the next few weeks until I feel comfortable enough to move properly. There was no blood at all, and the soreness around the hole seems to have gone down. After visiting my mom at her place for Christmas Eve, we went back home, and I spent the rest of the night nude.

Merry Christmas everyone! All throughout my sleep, I found myself having erections. They didn’t hurt much, it almost felt like the erection you get immediately after having an orgasm or two. It’s like it’s tired out and doesn’t want to get hard, but does so anyway. It felt good, getting hard, and good to know I can still get them (not like I couldn’t ever get them), and I could inspect the hole a bit better this morning. It looks good, there’s barely any redness or swelling, no blood, and peeing doesn’t seem to hurt at all. I’m wearing a robe at the moment, have been wearing it since I got up. I only took it off to pee, which felt fine. I feel like the healing process is moving along nicely. The only downside today was when I decided to play with the dog. I tried to pull him in for some light wrestling around, and one of his paws landed on the part of my robe covering the piercing, it hit the foreskin and the piercing. No damage done, but it did hurt a bit when the paw hit me.

So- four days in, it’s doing well.