Next February will mark my three year anniversary of coming out as bisexual to my partner. I later on shared that information on my Twitter, and later on in the year, on Facebook, on coming out day. I haven’t come out to every person I know- I still have some coworkers who don’t know, and my mother. At some point, I will come out to them all, just has to be the right time.

So, I made the Clothing post a couple days ago, and I’d like to open up more about it. I like women’s clothing- dresses, skirts, thigh high socks, nylons to a point. I sometimes wondered why men could be ridiculed for wanting to wear a dress, skirt, panties, nylons, whatever. Thinking about this, my thoughts were, “could I be genderqueer or gender fluid?” I thought more about it because throughout my life, I’ve kind of had more interest in what would be more traditionally female interests. As a child, I liked boy and girl cartoons, played with boy and girl toys, and even had friends who were girls. I wasn’t good at connecting with boys at a young age, but girls I had a better chance with. It changed a bit when I got older. I liked home economics in middle school- cooking and sewing were two things I did exceptionally well at in that class. I tended to enjoy the music from female musicians (Garbage, Alanis Morissette, No Doubt examples). My favorite video game character is female- Samus Aran from Metroid. She was the first female lead character in video games.

Anyway, with that long story, I wanted to officially come out as gender fluid. I’ll explain myself a little more. For the most part, I am male. However, I like some things that would be traditionally female interests. I think of this as myself evolving and better understanding myself as a person. I’m not transitioning, just being more open about myself.

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