My bus was super late this morning, so I felt like writing a story.

I slowly awaken in bed, and feel that I am fully erect. I move around, facing S, nudging my head into Her chest. She reaches down and feels it. “Well, good morning,” She says, and She gestures to me to wait a minute. She gets up, reaches in Her drawer, and pulls out Her strap-on, a dildo, lube, and a small vibrator. I’m watching on, still hard, as She puts on the strap-on. She climbs back into bed, pins me on my back, pinches my nipples. She leans in, nibbles on my ear lobe. I gasp, and attempt to spread my legs. “Relax,” She whispers, as I feel Her hands guide Their way down my sides, my thighs, and finally behind my knees. She pushes my knees toward my shoulders; in my mind, I’m thinking about how much I like where this is going. “Hold this position,” She says, as She grabs the bottle of lube. “Yes Ma’am,” I say, as I await Her next command. She grabs a rubber glove, puts it on, and begins to apply lube on Her fingers. The hand without a glove on, She winds up and gives a hard slap to each of my ass cheeks. “Spread them.” She commands, and I move my hands down to spread my cheeks, providing a view of my clean shaven hole. I feel Her gloves hand massaging my hole with Her lubed fingers. I feel Her index, then Her middle finger slide in with ease. I let out a sigh, as I feel Her fingers move in and out, twirling around inside me. A little droplet of precum oozed out of the top of my erection and onto my stomach. It left a thin, stringy trail from the tip. My focus on the precum was so strong that I didn’t realize S had pulled out Her fingers. She had put lube on Her dildo in her strap-on harness while I was distracted. She began by rubbing the tip up and down my ass crack. When She would approach my hole, She would slip just the tip in me, and I would gasp, then rub it up and down my crack again, and push it in my hole a little deeper. She kept this going until She buried her whole dildo inside of me. “Ughhhhhh,” I moaned, as I held my legs in place. She thrust into me slowly and gently at first, but She quickly increased Her pace. “Let go of your legs,” She said, and as I complied, She rested my legs around Her hips, and began gripping my neck with one of Her hands. I used my free hands to grip my ass, spread my cheeks wider, so I could feel Her enter me deeper. I struggled to moan and scream, as S was gradually increasing Her grip around my neck. My erection faded for a minute, but grew back as I felt my ability to breathe fade for a second. My eyes locked with Hers, and said with my eyes,”take me now, Sir.” She plowed into me harder, faster, and I could feel my eyes tear up, as I let out a tiny scream through my limited passage, and then I felt Her pull out. She got up, took off the strap-on, and sat next to me on the bed. I looked down and saw a puddle of cum gathered on my stomach, matting my hair to my skin. Without instruction, I ran a finger in the puddle and put it on my lips. I licked my lips, tasting my salty cum. “Clean it up,” S said, and just then, I used three fingers to scoop up the rest and sucked my fingers clean, swallowing it all. “Good boy,” She said, rubbing my head. I felt Her guiding my head toward Her chest, so I leaned in. I took Her nipple in my mouth, suckling on it, hearing Her breaths grow heavier. I move one hand toward Her thigh, caressing and massaging Her inner thigh. I feel a nudging, which I take as a hint to move, so I kiss my way down Her body, until I approach Her bush. I breathe in Her scent, and gently rub Her labia, kissing Her inner thighs. I kiss closer to Her labia, and move my way toward Her clit. I lick, kiss, and begin to suck it. I lick up and down Her vulva, savoring Her juices. Her breathing gets heavier, as I can hear Her moans get louder. I feel Her hand grip the back of my thigh, digging Her nails in and dragging them down. I let out a muffled moan, sending vibrations to Her clit. She pulls Her thighs closer together, gripping my head. I continue to service Her, licking and sucking away, like it is my last meal. My ears are covered by Her thighs, but I still hear Her moans, getting louder. I hear some fumbling around, and suddenly feel something vibrating against my balls. She pulled out Her vibrator, and pressed it against the back of my balls. I feel the vibrations, and it’s getting me semi hard, but enough for me to moan some more. She squeezes tighter, moaning louder, and moving Her clit along my face, and I feel Her soak my face with Her juices. She releases Her thigh grip, pushes me aside.

“Grab me some coffee.”

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Grab one for yourself too.”

“Thank You, Ma’am.”

I went downstairs, made some coffee, and brought them upstairs. When I came up, I found S sitting up in bed, on Her phone, and next to her was a butt plug, lube, and a container of skin cream.

She looks up at me, “Get plugged. My feet need attention.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I put down my coffee, prepare myself, and insert the plug. I get on the bed, open the container, and begin applying cream and rubbing Her feet. Considering how hard She worked my ass earlier, I am amazed I could keep the plug inside.

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