Yesterday was my day off. I went upstairs to put on some fresh bed sheets, and once I was finishing up, S came up to join me. She got undressed and I got the hint we were going to have some fun, so I got undressed. I kissed Her, then proceeded to kiss Her everywhere, suckling on her nipples. She ordered me to get plugged, so I stopped what I was doing to find the butt plug. She began to watch some porn while I looked for the plug. I struggled a bit with the plug, since I hadn’t used it in months, or possibly since last year, so I was feeling a bit tight. When I got it in though, I went back to pleasuring Her with my mouth. I kissed Her feet, sucked on her big toe. I felt Her move one leg from under me so She could push on my plug with Her foot. I could feel the pressure of the plug inside me with every push. I worked my way toward Her vulva, licking and kissing, and sucking Her clit, imagining I was giving the best blowjob for Her. I was asked if I was hard, and I couldn’t really tell if I was because of the plug. I got up to check and I was semi-hard, so S edged me a bit, and pinched my nipples. I got a bit harder. “On your back.” So I got on my back, holding the plug for a bit while She got Herself positioned on top. I don’t think I ever got fully hard, but She rubbed against whatever I had, and I could feel the plug still moving around inside me. I suckled on Her breasts, and She commanded me to stop as She came. We napped for a bit afterward, and I stayed in bed a little longer. I was impressed that I stayed plugged the entire time I was napping. There was no indication of it slipping out.

Nipple piercing progress: due to our fun time, my right nipple suffered a minor setback, so healing process has regressed a bit. It’s still sore this morning, hopefully it’ll be better later on.

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