I got my second pedi, this time going with red. S asked another one of her friends to join us. We had fun, and I think he might tag along again in the future!

10 thoughts on “Pedi

    1. Yup, there’s a shop in the village area where we used to live. It’s run by Asian women, I think they are Korean. They seem to act like it’s just another day, it’s pretty cool! S has told me She has seen men of all types go in to get pedis before.

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        1. My first time picking out a polish, I wasn’t sure what I was doing. I was thinking of going with a clear finish, but said “fuck it” and went all in with dark purple. It was dark enough that it could pass as gothy, so no judgment there. This time around, choosing red, I got some smiles from the employees. The other customers didn’t really bat an eye. The only place I’ve been nervous about the nail color has been at the gym, when changing for a shower/getting dressed to go back to work. No comments yet, so maybe they just don’t care or don’t want to come across as pervy.

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              1. It is what it is. I just ignore the jerks. I said good morning to someone for a year. He ignored me every time. Finally I just started ignoring him too.

                Yesterday at my pedicure, a woman came in who picked colours and was using the same technician as me. The technician said I should pick a colour and the two of them laughed. Then the technician said she should speak with my wife and arrange a colour for the next time! It was all in pleasant jest but it was a wee bit exciting.

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  1. i get pedi- mani all the time. when i was working (police dept) guys would give me crap from time to time but i would tell them i have 3 daughters and they love painting my nails.
    In todays world i go with one of my daughters every month. Most folks think its nice that i go with my daughters and get my nails done

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