I haven’t posted for a while lately, so I thought I would share an update on things, as well as some pictures.

I may have mentioned my tattoo idea in a previous post. I was looking up infinity knots on google, and this was the most accurate to what I am looking for. I don’t know if I want to do it in black though. I showed S the picture and She said we could try things out with some rope sometime to see if we can get a more realistic rope design tattoo. This was not only a suggestion/solution for my poor track record with bracelets S has gifted me (since I can’t wear my collar to work), but a symbol of my devotion, loyalty, and faith that I put in my relationship with S. She is my everything, and I am “Bound To Serve Her”.

Speaking of wearing collars in public places, Thanksgiving in 2016, S and I went to Legal Sea Foods to have thanksgiving dinner with my mom and her friend. I didn’t realize it until I sat at the table, that I forgot to take off my collar before leaving the house. “Didn’t you say you needed to use the bathroom?” S said, as she noticed it too. I got up and headed to the bathroom, luckily I was wearing one of my turtleneck sweaters, so it wasn’t as noticeable to anyone in the restaurant. I took it off in the bathroom and put it in my pocket. This thanksgiving, we are eating with my mom and her friend again, and I will remember to leave the collar at home.

I have been feeling more comfortable with myself in public, and have been taking it upon myself to wear some of my kinkier underwear to work. Ok, so maybe it’s just on the weekends for the jockstrap, but my bikini briefs I purchased, I wore them a few times to my full time job since I purchased them. I love the way they feel, and I feel sexy wearing them, and only I know about it until I undress at home. Since S has been battling a cold, there hasn’t been a lot of time to have sexy fun times, so I figured I could at least give S some eye candy. Working out at the gym has helped give me a confidence boost as well.

Piercing progress: I think in one of my last posts, I mentioned that I bumped my piercing again, causing it to bleed immediately. I have been cleaning it with the saline wipes I got off Amazon, and using some ointment, which has helped. I am still experiencing minor soreness, and the other things I’ve done to help speed up the healing have helped a bit (wearing tank top/t-shirts to bed, sleeping more on my left side/facing up). It is frustrating how long it’s taking this nipple to heal compared to the other one, but I am being patient. I just need to be careful with it, and maybe by December it should be fully healed.

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