I have heard of “No Nut November” mostly because of a few random Facebook posts from some of my gay friends. I can officially say, after last night, I unexpectedly participated in No Nut November. No orgasms for me.

Saturday night, I was playing with my Nintendo Switch. While playing, S had been pinching this one spot on the back of my left arm periodically. I felt the punches happening more frequently, when S said “Why don’t you put that away now?” It was getting late, so I said “Ok, sure thing.” She had Her wood carved knife in Her hand, poked me in the ribs, and said “This needs to come off, glasses too.” “Yes Ma’am,” I said, and after I removed them, She began running the tip along my body. She pinched my healed nipple, and even hooked her knife into the hoop and tugged a bit. I followed Her lead with the blade, and felt a bite on my ear. She also began lightly choking me, applying pressure in the right spots. She was hitting all my buttons, and running Her blade all over my body, including my head. She laid across the couch as She pulled Her top off, revealing Her breasts, which I worshipped with my mouth. I kissed Her all the way down to her pants, where I untied Her waistband with my teeth. I pulled off Her pants, and Her underwear shortly after. Her scent drew me in, and She turned on some music. I was more focused on Her, licking and kissing Her. Her pleasure was my only concern. S had adjusted Herself so my face was buried in Her. She was warm, wet, and I was loving it. I licked up a lot of Her juices, but we had to switch positions, since my stubble was an issue. Since the couch was proving impractical, we moved the activities upstairs to the bedroom. I laid on the bed, and She said “Get hard for Me.” “Yes Ma’am,” I replied. I began rubbing and stroking, trying not to do too much, as I haven’t had an orgasm since October 12. She mounted me, and even though I wasn’t hard, She still rode me, but put Her vibrator just above my semi-hard penis. The vibrations should have made me hard, or cause me to climax, but my penis betrayed me. I don’t really recall the exact wording S said to me, but I remember Her saying “All you are are holes to be filled, toy.” That stayed in my head- I’m just a toy, just holes to be filled. That’s hot. She must have climaxed at that point, because She got off me, and we went to sleep.

When morning arrived, I had hoped we could continue our sexy time, but S went to take care of some things, and I continued to sleep. So, that is how I managed to be a participant in “No Nut November”. I wonder if it will be the same for the month of December, we will see.

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