For the past several days, I have woken up with the hardest erections. Peeing with an erection is hard (pun intended), imagine sitting while peeing with an erection. It’s also difficult getting the stream to start when I’m hard, so it delays my preparation every morning. I think this could be the result of no orgasm since 10/12. I often think about how challenging it is for folks who wear the chastity devices. I wondered what it must have been like when they first started wearing one, of it was challenging/discomforting getting an erection while wearing it. I also think about the feeling of getting erections when I get my PA piercing. I’m sure it’ll be somewhat painful at first.

Side note: Speaking of piercings, I thought I’d give a little update on my nipples. My right nipple feels like most of it has fully healed. I’ve been using Whole Foods brand soap when I shower after my workout, and soaping up the piercings so I can move it around. There’s only a small area where I feel soreness, like it’s still trying to heal. The scabbing and crusting has minimized quite a bit. I think another couple weeks and it could be fully healed.

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