I should have mentioned this yesterday, but I likely had my last orgasm of the year yesterday. S believes it may have been my quickest one yet. I’m pretty sure I was in Her for no more than 20 seconds before releasing. I tried to hold it in for as long as I could, and tried to stay hard for as long as I could as well. “Would You like me to clean You up?” “Yeah,” She said, so I put a tissue around Her cock so I wouldn’t get anything on the sheets, and grabbed a towel to put under Her. I got down, and began to lick up the mess I made. I enjoyed how it tasted on Her, salty, as I’ve tasted it before. I cleaned up most of it, and sucked Her clit as She came. She let me go clean up, so I removed the tissue, and cleaned up a bit. I collected the juices and cum with my finger and licked it, then washed my face with some water. I went back into the room, and S allowed me to sleep some more while she took the dog downstairs and worked a bit.

I know this will be my last orgasm of 2019, seeing as I’m five days away from my piercing date. I’m still nervous, but not as much, as I continue to read about everyone’s experiences with a PA piercing, specifically uncut males. I’m just hoping it won’t affect my foreskin in anyway, and even more that it won’t migrate on me. With that being said, I took a few pictures after my post-orgasm nap. I didn’t make any edit attempts, just me in the moment, some pre-piercing shots. I’ll take more probably Friday night/Saturday morning, leading up to the piercing. Enjoy!

4 thoughts on “Five Days Away

    1. Thank you ☺️ today is the day! Still a bit nervous, but excited too. This weekend is such a busy one for me too- working at the store the whole weekend, helping assemble a couch, and removing the old one. I’m just hoping the healing process isn’t as lengthy and difficult as my nipples have been.


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