This morning I woke up with an erection. I have adapted to the pain from it- I lay in a more fetal position so nothing stretches out too much. I went to pee and there was no blood, just a few spots in the pad. I got the other pad ready for my clean pair of underwear. It was still a struggle getting pants on without feeling my clothes bump against the piercing. I was able to walk more my normal speed when going to the bus stop (I walk very fast). The bus ride was fine, just as bumpy as I’d expect, I didn’t feel anything. I got to work and showered. It was easy cleaning- I noticed my right nipple has almost fully healed, there was no buildup around it, and it was easy to move around. I pulled back the foreskin, didn’t see any blood, just a little precum. I moved the PA around without any issues- the hole where the piercing was made is a little purple, which I guess is due to swelling, I’m guessing that’s how it recovers. But I’m impressed I haven’t had any issues moving the piercing around. I only had to pee twice today at work, and I had pads and saline wipes on me in case I needed to clean up. The burning sensation I expected while peeing had happened both times at work. I guess it’s just part of the healing process. I will continue to update every day this week.

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