I decided to combine days, since it’s now Christmas and it was a busy day yesterday.

Last night I spent fully nude for the first time in a while. I laid out a towel on the couch as usual. Peeing still mildly burns, but not much. I decided to go to bed nude as well, to see if I could do it. Lying facing up seems to work best, there was a moment I turned to one side and I felt some minor pain, but I adjusted. I didn’t wake up with an erection, and peeing was less painful this morning. Cleaning was just as easy as before, just pulling back the foreskin and using some toilet paper to wipe. I put a pad on just in case, this seems to be an easy routine to get used to. I’ve been trying to figure out what I’m going to do for workouts, since leg day seems to be out of commission for a bit. I walked up some stairs and realized I won’t be doing stairs for cardio. Looks like upper body and rowing will be my go-tos for the next few weeks until I feel comfortable enough to move properly. There was no blood at all, and the soreness around the hole seems to have gone down. After visiting my mom at her place for Christmas Eve, we went back home, and I spent the rest of the night nude.

Merry Christmas everyone! All throughout my sleep, I found myself having erections. They didn’t hurt much, it almost felt like the erection you get immediately after having an orgasm or two. It’s like it’s tired out and doesn’t want to get hard, but does so anyway. It felt good, getting hard, and good to know I can still get them (not like I couldn’t ever get them), and I could inspect the hole a bit better this morning. It looks good, there’s barely any redness or swelling, no blood, and peeing doesn’t seem to hurt at all. I’m wearing a robe at the moment, have been wearing it since I got up. I only took it off to pee, which felt fine. I feel like the healing process is moving along nicely. The only downside today was when I decided to play with the dog. I tried to pull him in for some light wrestling around, and one of his paws landed on the part of my robe covering the piercing, it hit the foreskin and the piercing. No damage done, but it did hurt a bit when the paw hit me.

So- four days in, it’s doing well.

6 thoughts on “The PA Experience Day 3 and Day 4

    1. She likes it a lot, but since it’s still healing, we won’t know how much She enjoys it on the sexual level. She was amazed at how the foreskin mostly covers it up, you’d never know I had one unless you looked closely or at a profile angle.

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