Started this post on Thursday, intended to finish Thursday-Sunday (any time in there).

Thursday, I decided to take a chance and not wear a pad. The previous two days there wasn’t any blood, so why not? I got through the work day with no issue. Not much else to report for Thursday.

Friday, I had difficulty staying asleep early in the morning, because I got an erection. I’m not sure if S had noticed, maybe She did, because I felt Her leg gently press against the shaft. I couldn’t go soft no matter what I ran through my head to distract myself, but at least I knew that it didn’t hurt to get one. Also, this morning I decided to not only go without a pad, but wear one of my thongs under a pair of boxer briefs. Also, while showering, I decided to shave down there, as it was getting stubbly. Not like I can do much down there right now, but I still want to look presentable for S. I had no pain today, no blood, just mild discomfort from either sitting wrong or bumping it accidentally.

Yesterday, I wore a more snug pair of pants. I felt mild discomfort occasionally, but it would go away when I went to the bathroom. It’s not as sore, I get a little bit of precum when I wipe it clean. I admit, I do find it to be a good look for me. I love how the foreskin covers it mostly.

A week into having this, and so far, I’m not having any issues. I think my biggest obstacle has been putting on my underwear and pants without bumping it. I like the 8g, and thought I might want to go up to a 6g, but now I’m not so sure. I like what I have, and can’t wait for it to fully heal.

It is Monday morning, and I’m not experiencing any soreness. I’ll be going to the gym when I arrive at work, we will see how I manage through a workout.

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