Happy new year everyone! While I haven’t posted in a few days, I did manage to save up some pictures, thoughts, and updates on things. I’ll begin by speaking of my nipple piercings. It has taken far longer than I anticipated for my nipples to recover from getting hoops put in. I think it’s safe to say I can move the right hoop around without any issues, but I’m still monitoring it for a couple weeks, hoping it doesn’t migrate- I may have bumped it too much, prolonging the healing time. I’ve almost given up on the possibility of increasing the gauge by one size because of that.

I took some photos of the PA on New Year’s Eve, just afternoon my workout at the gym before my work shift began. I was the only person in the locker room, so I took my time and took pictures. They aren’t spectacular shots, as I think the focal point altered between the piercing and the testicles. Overall? I’d say the hole has healed. I don’t experience any bleeding, maybe some minor soreness if I sleep facing down. For today, I experienced some pinching from clothes when I went to pick up some packages, it wasn’t serious though. Anyway, here are the NYE pics:

I pulled back the foreskin because I felt this gave a better shot at seeing how well it’s healing. It’s hard to manage the angles, maybe I could do better in a different location.

I know they say that you need to wait at least two weeks before any sexual activity, but S and I decided to test the waters yesterday. I got pretty hard when She pressed Her foot on my testicles. I only got harder. “I guess I like getting my balls stepped on,” I said with an impressed smile. S decided we should go upstairs and continue the fun. Along the way, my erection faded, and we tried everything to bring it back. Nipple play, a gentle hand job, and even a small vibrator. I could feel an orgasm build, but I couldn’t get hard, and I never came. I then got the honor to please S with my mouth. Before I could begin, S suggested I should be plugged while doing so. I got up and grabbed my butt plug. It took some time to find the right lube for it, and felt like it took longer to insert it- I’m out of practice, maybe I should be plugging myself more frequently- but S played some gay porn to motivate me, and I think it worked, once I got in the right position. Once I got it in, I settled myself in a proper position and savored S’ body. I treated Her clit like it was a juicy cock to suck. I felt Her foot reach around and work the plug in my ass, occasionally spreading my cheeks with Her foot. I’d move my ass up in the air, like I was expecting a cock. There were moments where S would spread Her legs, then tighten them around my head- I couldn’t breathe, but I was still licking and sucking Her pussy. I could drink the juices at this point, but She was getting me going with Her gripping on my head between Her thighs. Once She came, I rolled over and laid next to Her. She got up a few minutes later and left me to nap, which I did for two hours. It was exciting, and I look forward to when I’m fully healed and get the OK to have sex.

I figure my next piercing update might be around the one month milestone.

I haven’t set any resolutions for the new year, but I’m thinking I should just focus on self improvement and being less selfish. I think I should be more open too, it’s about time I come out to more than just my close circle of friends and the internet. Few people know about me being bi and gender fluid.

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