Well, as S has pointed out to me, the longer I go without release, the more romantic and sexual I get. I’m really believing it, but there have been many factors that kept me on my current run- working many shifts in a row, the healing process for the PA, and the dog. This morning, however, I had the option to continue sleeping in after letting out the dog for his morning run in the yard, and I chose instead to engage in some sexual activity. I saw S’ breasts on display, and missed them in my mouth, I just went for it. She responded by stroking and teasing Her cock, squeezing and massaging Her balls. It felt so good feeling Her hand touch me there. She pinched and teased my nipples as well- since they’re fully healed, it felt great to have some nipple play. S reached for a condom after feeling that I was hard enough. I was ordered to hold the condom at the base so She could get me in. Once She was on top, She fucked me good. I didn’t feel any pain at all. The only feeling I had was being inside Her, and the throbbing of the head from being hard. She came, and kept going to make me cum, I wanted to feel it. I never did feel it, so I was ordered to hold the condom as She got off me. I removed the condom and saw that there was nothing in it, so I continue on with no release. I was happy She had an orgasm though, and I asked Her if She felt the piercing and She said “Oh yes, definitely,” with enthusiasm.

I was allowed to sleep a little more, but couldn’t sleep for much longer. I thought about it in bed, maybe I should have sex with a condom more often- I can’t recall ever having an orgasm with one on, it could be an option in the orgasm denial period. I am curious, though, knowing how it will feel without the condom.

Added note: one thing I like about the PA, is then I move the ring around, the beady end that comes out the urethra side feels pretty amazing when I get it in the tip of the urethra. If I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy sounding or not, I think this may have verified I might enjoy it, whenever we get to that activity.

5 thoughts on “The PA Experience, Sexual Activity

  1. Awesome that she enjoys your piercing!

    For me, I had some pinching still with 6ga. 4ga was the first time I felt comfortable, and 2ga was completely comfortable. 2ga is also a size I’ve heard a lot of good things about for the receiving partner, particularly with curved barbells with large end beads. Which you can get from 6ga on btw – if the ball slips into your urethra and the jewelry hangs out the bottom, there are vendors that can sell you a barbell with a larger ball. I have a link on my piercing post.

    Side note about gravatars: You can allow x-rated ones in Settings / Discussion, and you may want to report your site as mature to wordpress if you haven’t done so already. They do disallow pornographic images, so make sure you have a site backup. In case WP takes exception to your content, you can then always easily migrate to self-hosted and restore from backup.

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    1. Thanks! I’ll check the link on your post.

      I’m not sure what you mean by gravatar, I’m guessing it’s like an avatar. I haven’t said anything about my site having mature content, and I haven’t had any issues/nobody reporting my work. Is this something WordPress does? By self-hosted, do you mean upgrading to premium?


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