Since the start of the new year, I have been making it a goal to plug myself more frequently. There was a long period there where I hadn’t used my butt plug and I struggled to get it in. I think there were a few things I wasn’t doing right: not enough lube on either the plug or in my ass; not relaxing enough for an easy insert; with it being a long time between uses, my ass wasn’t adapting well; and not douching beforehand a few of those times. This year, I’ve been fixing all the areas where I wasn’t doing it right, and it seems to be working well for me. It still takes a couple minutes to ease it in, and still haven’t been able to slide it in on the first attempt, that’s my main goal. Another great plus is I have been able to keep it in place for a couple hours! I did housework and other things while keeping it in, so I think I might finally be getting used to it. Maybe I could work it up to more than one day a week of being plugged. Perhaps a part of our nightly ritual of me being collared, I could either put it in after I undress or after dinner.

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