It Happened- The PA Experience

Yesterday morning, the planets aligned, and we had sex. I didn’t get off before anything happened, and it was glorious. S held my wrists above my head and rode me for as long as She could. It didn’t take long for Her to make me cum, but I feel like I lasted much longer than I normally do. Surely, as expected, the dogs interfered at one point, but I can now say that I have climaxed properly during intercourse with my piercing. Next time, as S said, they will go in their crates before we proceed.

Happy Mother’s Day

Did everyone wish their moms a happy Mother’s Day? I did, and wish S one as well. It was a pretty busy day. We didn’t get to do much because of the dogs and that S just wasn’t feeling it. It was a cleaning day, and more yard work as well. We had sangria the whole day as well, so it wasn’t a total loss. I showered and finally shaved while S went to volunteer in our neighborhood park. When She got back, I helped Her get dinner together and was told to get plugged. I put the blue one in again, since I haven’t been plugging as frequently as I was trying for pre-covid. I kept it in the remainder of the night, so maybe four and a half hours. I think I should regularly practice fucking myself with the black dildo to ready myself for the black plug. Anyway, I took a picture of S’ cock, freshly shaven for Her and foreskin pulled back.

Don’t worry about the white spot- that’s just light reflection.


I apologize for not updating for a while. We have fallen on crazy times. Covid-19 has found a way to change all our lives. How has it affected you? Personally, most of my daily routine has been shot to hell. I don’t ride the bus anymore, and with the gym closed at work, I don’t get to exercise the way I would prefer. I should take advantage of my equipment at home- but I haven’t really pushed myself to do so. I have, however, gone on Amazon and bought a cheap rowing machine and tried buying weights- by trying, I mean I purchased them, but I likely won’t get them until July. My full time job has us split into groups of three and we work based on a rotation- Monday/Tuesday/Wednesday one week, Thursday/Friday the next. My liquor store job has reduced its hours, but I have informed them I can pick up extra shifts since I’m on rotations. I was “self-quarantining” for two weeks at my full time job, but I picked up more hours at the liquor store, so I made more the past two weeks.

Also, we got another dog. His name is Marley, he’s a Havanese, and one of the cutest things you could meet. With two dogs now, things have gotten busier, trying to keep on one to understand how things go in the household, and hoping the other’s anxiety will reduce dramatically.

Being at home more means doing more housework, which is something that helps keep me busy and focused. My job doesn’t have the luxury of being done at home, so this has been helpful in that, for the most part. I feel like our place is coming along nicely, and I’m glad to be a part of it.

It has been a month since my last orgasm. I’m not upset about it, but I do miss S riding me. I miss pleasing Her. I would be fine with giving Her pleasure with my mouth, fingers, or Her cock. I miss touching Her intimately, tasting Her. I feel like I have been letting Her down, and I know I need to change, or at least go back to the way I was. I still find Her attractive and turned on by Her. I think some things get in my head when I don’t want them to, and certain windows of opportunity only stay open for a brief period of time, and I can’t reopen them. Since the last orgasm, I also realized I hadn’t shaved down there. I felt I should take a picture and share it, since I haven’t gone this long without shaving in a very long time.

I’ve fattened up a bit, and I’m impressed there are no grey hairs there. Just my chest and face stubble.

I really want to get back into the kink we enjoy. I’m 100% sure S wants to as well. I think a lot has to do with the dogs being a distraction, and work from home occupying a lot of the time. I miss the breath play, knife play, marking me up with evil sticks and paddles, tying me up, and want to explore electrical play more, especially since now I’m pierced. I haven’t had the energy to write erotica lately, I want to get back into that. Lately it has been plugging myself occasionally while doing house work. I hope we get back to the way it was soon.

The Timing Of My Body

Yesterday, I woke up with an erection, which I was hoping would lead to an orgasm through actual sex- meaning first one since getting the PA, and not with the assistance of a vibrator. S got up to go to the bathroom, and I could feel my erection fade. I didn’t want it to go away, so I massaged my nipples and played with the piercings to keep myself hard. It stayed for a bit, but gradually went away. S then tried to stroke me to get it hard again. It only took a few strokes, and I could feel myself cum. When I mentioned I was, S stopped and closed up my foreskin to capture the escaping cum. It was my first handjob with the PA resulting in an orgasm, and first ruined orgasm with the PA. I was sad I didn’t get far, but I still enjoyed it a lot. I hope to actually give S what She wants next time.

Plug Size Comparison

I was asked by @collaredmichael to post a picture of the plugs’ sizes in comparison next to a pen. I didn’t have one on me, so I found a chap-stick to prop it next to so you can compare.

The one in the middle has been my go-to since I’ve been with S.

The middle one is the one I started with, the one I happened to keep in for seven hours. The dildo on the right is the cock I use to warm up my ass so I can have an easier time getting in the plug on the left. The base on the newer plug makes it a slight challenge to get used to, but I love the feeling of it in me.

New Record

Yesterday, S told me She wanted me plugged after breakfast. She suggested I use the old one because She wants it to stay in as long as possible. I had it in at 11:30, and come 6:30, S asked if I was still plugged, which I told Her I was. Shortly after, I said “I should probably take it out,” and She agreed. She was impressed with how long it stayed in (seven hours). It also wasn’t any trouble getting in or taking out. I could get used to this.

Plugging Success

I have mentioned how I’ve been training my ass to be plugged more frequently. Now that the recent coronavirus outbreak has forced most people to stay home for work, this has forced my full time job to switch our department to work on rotations. We all come in on Monday, but the rest of the week some of us come in on Tuesday/Wednesday, and the others come in Thursday/Friday.

So, today and tomorrow are my days to stay home, which in my mind, means I can use this time to practice more plugging while doing housework. S suggested today that I use the bigger plug, which I was hoping to try. So, when it came time to clean the bathrooms, I went up and grabbed the smaller plug, one of the dildos, and the bigger plug. I douched, and once I finished, I lubed the smaller plug, pushed it in for a bit, and took it out. then, I grabbed the dildo, which has a similar girth to the bigger plug. Lubed it up and inserted as far as I could, to stretch myself a bit more. Then, I grabbed the bigger plug. It took a lot of lube and attempts, but I finally got it in. I felt like I took in a short, but very thick cock in my ass. I’ve had it in for a little more than an hour at this point. I took a picture once I got it in.

I have been feeling the base sticking out rubbing against my ass a lot, but I’ve never felt more full. I don’t think this one will slip out at any point, but when I’m in the right position, the tip pushes against my prostate. I’m not sure how much longer I’ll keep it in, but it’ll probably be a bit painful. I’m sure I’ll get used to it at some point though.

The PA Experience, 84 Days

So, I finally came yesterday. Of course, it was with issues. Fucking thing never wants to be hard when it matters. But anyway, S got on me and when I didn’t get hard, She grabbed Her vibrator and teased my nipples and tip of Her cock around the piercings. It felt amazing. I got a little bit harder, just enough for S to fuck me. She positioned the vibrator between us, and I could feel it all through my body. That got me going so fast I lost control and came. A minute later, S did as well.

The orgasm felt amazing with the PA. I really look forward to my next one, whenever that may be. Hopefully I can pull it off without the assistance of a vibrator. It would be nice to be able to get hard when I’m aroused, probably just clear my head of whatever BS is in it.

Also: I’m currently watching Queer As Folk, the UK version, while I’m plugged. Can I say how weird it is to see a very young Aiden Gillen and Charlie Hunnam? Charlie’s got a nice ass. Just saying.

80 Days Of No Release

I did a little math after reading some posts about chastity. I’ve been going on 80 days as of today without orgasm. I have to say though, it’s not like the streak was on purpose, for the most part. Most of December was spent healing from the PA piercing, and I’ve been working a lot, and the dog has also played a role on some Sunday mornings. I am wondering if I will get to 100 days, which would be quite the milestone for me. We will see if that happens, whether it be Her cock betraying us again, or if S throws on a condom when She fucks me next time- that appears to be an effective way to deny an orgasm for me.