The PA Experience Day 2

This morning I woke up with an erection. I have adapted to the pain from it- I lay in a more fetal position so nothing stretches out too much. I went to pee and there was no blood, just a few spots in the pad. I got the other pad ready for my clean pair of underwear. It was still a struggle getting pants on without feeling my clothes bump against the piercing. I was able to walk more my normal speed when going to the bus stop (I walk very fast). The bus ride was fine, just as bumpy as I’d expect, I didn’t feel anything. I got to work and showered. It was easy cleaning- I noticed my right nipple has almost fully healed, there was no buildup around it, and it was easy to move around. I pulled back the foreskin, didn’t see any blood, just a little precum. I moved the PA around without any issues- the hole where the piercing was made is a little purple, which I guess is due to swelling, I’m guessing that’s how it recovers. But I’m impressed I haven’t had any issues moving the piercing around. I only had to pee twice today at work, and I had pads and saline wipes on me in case I needed to clean up. The burning sensation I expected while peeing had happened both times at work. I guess it’s just part of the healing process. I will continue to update every day this week.

The PA Experience 24 Hours

This morning I awoke with a painful erection. I did everything I could to not be hard. Distracting my mind. It eventually worked. I went to the bathroom and there was blood. Lots of blood. I cleaned up, put on a clean pad, and got ready for work. S drove me in, and I told my manager about my piercing, letting her know I might have limited mobility due to the piercing. One of my other coworkers was there to hear about it, and before I knew it, I told everyone except one coworker because every time I told someone, another person caught the end of the story. I’m pretty sure everyone had the same reaction- cringed a bit. As the day went on, I used the bathroom a few times. The blood lessened, pain as well. I peed four times at work, and there was no blood after the second time. I felt a bit of pain, but it’s not so bad. Peeing didn’t hurt as much as I was expecting. Walking around has been harder, I walk slower than usual. I may take more ibuprofen before bedtime. I won’t be going to the gym tomorrow, or Tuesday. It’s an interesting experience so far.

The PA Experience Begins

Tonight I went in for my PA appointment, S’ Christmas gift to me. I was calm, but still a little nervous. The piercer has experience with uncut men, so that was very relieving to me. He examined me, seeing where to make the piercing. After a chat with the guy, he had us sit in the waiting room until he had the jewelry and equipment ready. We get called in, and he asked me to get ready- undress or however I felt most comfortable, so I took off my pants and he had me lay on the bed/table. He then placed a bib around my genitals, rubbed some iodine on the tip, and got his equipment ready. I took a deep breath, gripped the table, felt the poke, and let out a brief scream. I then continued to breathe deeply so I could calm myself down.

That last picture was when he bandaged me up. At this rate, I only feel the ring rubbing against my urethra. I am walking slower than usual, and I think at some points, I could feel the blood dripping.

We went to East Side Pockets for dinner before heading home. As of right now, I’m just taking it easy, but after taking care of laundry, I undressed and removed the bandages. There was a lot of blood, and a big clot at the hole. I didn’t take a picture of that, but I did take pictures after thoroughly washing off the blood.

It’s going to take some getting used to, but I am pleased with this decision. I’m just hoping the healing won’t take as long. As of right now, I’m sitting on the new couch we assembled, wearing a t-shirt and boxer briefs with a pantyliner capturing my blood. It’s only been three hours, but I will provide another post maybe tomorrow.

Five Days Away

I should have mentioned this yesterday, but I likely had my last orgasm of the year yesterday. S believes it may have been my quickest one yet. I’m pretty sure I was in Her for no more than 20 seconds before releasing. I tried to hold it in for as long as I could, and tried to stay hard for as long as I could as well. “Would You like me to clean You up?” “Yeah,” she said, so I put a tissue around Her cock so I wouldn’t get anything on the sheets, and grabbed a towel to put under Her. I got down, and began to lick up the mess I made. I enjoyed how it tasted on Her, salty, as I’ve tasted it before. I cleaned up most of it, and sucked Her clit as She came. She let me go clean up, so I removed the tissue, and cleaned up a bit. I collected the juices and cum with my finger and licked it, then washed my face with some water. I went back into the room, and S allowed me to sleep some more while she took the dog downstairs and worked a bit.

I know this will be my last orgasm of 2019, seeing as I’m five days away from my piercing date. I’m still nervous, but not as much, as I continue to read about everyone’s experiences with a PA piercing, specifically uncut males. I’m just hoping it won’t affect my foreskin in anyway, and even more that it won’t migrate on me. With that being said, I took a few pictures after my post-orgasm nap. I didn’t make any edit attempts, just me in the moment, some pre-piercing shots. I’ll take more probably Friday night/Saturday morning, leading up to the piercing. Enjoy!


For the past several days, I have woken up with the hardest erections. Peeing with an erection is hard (pun intended), imagine sitting while peeing with an erection. It’s also difficult getting the stream to start when I’m hard, so it delays my preparation every morning. I think this could be the result of no orgasm since 10/12. I often think about how challenging it is for folks who wear the chastity devices. I wondered what it must have been like when they first started wearing one, of it was challenging/discomforting getting an erection while wearing it. I also think about the feeling of getting erections when I get my PA piercing. I’m sure it’ll be somewhat painful at first.

Side note: Speaking of piercings, I thought I’d give a little update on my nipples. My right nipple feels like most of it has fully healed. I’ve been using Whole Foods brand soap when I shower after my workout, and soaping up the piercings so I can move it around. There’s only a small area where I feel soreness, like it’s still trying to heal. The scabbing and crusting has minimized quite a bit. I think another couple weeks and it could be fully healed.

No Nut November

I have heard of “No Nut November” mostly because of a few random Facebook posts from some of my gay friends. I can officially say, after last night, I unexpectedly participated in No Nut November. No orgasms for me.

Saturday night, I was playing with my Nintendo Switch. While playing, S had been pinching this one spot on the back of my left arm periodically. I felt the punches happening more frequently, when S said “Why don’t you put that away now?” It was getting late, so I said “Ok, sure thing.” She had Her wood carved knife in Her hand, poked me in the ribs, and said “This needs to come off, glasses too.” “Yes Ma’am,” I said, and after I removed them, She began running the tip along my body. She pinched my healed nipple, and even hooked her knife into the hoop and tugged a bit. I followed Her lead with the blade, and felt a bite on my ear. She also began lightly choking me, applying pressure in the right spots. She was hitting all my buttons, and running Her blade all over my body, including my head. She laid across the couch as She pulled Her top off, revealing Her breasts, which I worshipped with my mouth. I kissed Her all the way down to her pants, where I untied Her waistband with my teeth. I pulled off Her pants, and Her underwear shortly after. Her scent drew me in, and She turned on some music. I was more focused on Her, licking and kissing Her. Her pleasure was my only concern. S had adjusted Herself so my face was buried in Her. She was warm, wet, and I was loving it. I licked up a lot of Her juices, but we had to switch positions, since my stubble was an issue. Since the couch was proving impractical, we moved the activities upstairs to the bedroom. I laid on the bed, and She said “Get hard for Me.” “Yes Ma’am,” I replied. I began rubbing and stroking, trying not to do too much, as I haven’t had an orgasm since October 12. She mounted me, and even though I wasn’t hard, She still rode me, but put Her vibrator just above my semi-hard penis. The vibrations should have made me hard, or cause me to climax, but my penis betrayed me. I don’t really recall the exact wording S said to me, but I remember Her saying “All you are are holes to be filled, toy.” That stayed in my head- I’m just a toy, just holes to be filled. That’s hot. She must have climaxed at that point, because She got off me, and we went to sleep.

When morning arrived, I had hoped we could continue our sexy time, but S went to take care of some things, and I continued to sleep. So, that is how I managed to be a participant in “No Nut November”. I wonder if it will be the same for the month of December, we will see.

New Underwear

So, in my journey to wear sexier underwear and show off in front of S, I bought a 4-pack of thongs. It actually turned out to be a 5-pack (better deal), so I took some pics last night after modeling them. Enjoy 😉


It’s Sunday morning and I take my usual morning pee before heading downstairs. S has texted me, “Get dressed downstairs, I have some things laid out for you.” I finish up, wash my hands, brush my teeth and head downstairs. I was only wearing my collar, but I saw on the coffee table my harness. I put on my harness, and step into the dining room to find my kilt, socks, my black button up shirt, jock strap, and a butt plug with some lube. S, getting dinner ready in the crock pot, says “I have some tasks for you this morning before we do anything else.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I reply. I step into the bathroom with the lube and butt plug, applying some to the plug, and some around and inside my hole. I relaxed, slowly began to insert the plug until it was in as far as it could go. A little precum dropped out, so I caught it with my finger and licked it. I proceeded to put on my jock strap, making sure the straps didn’t twist up. Then, I put on my socks, the button up shirt, and finally my kilt. “Ok Ma’am, I’m ready,” I say.

S inspects me. She lifts my kilt, pushes on my plug, adding pressure to my prostate. I groan a little, feeling my boy bits twitch in the front. She reaches around, squeezes my bulge. I gasp a little. “Good boy. Can you get us some doughnuts from the downtown shop? Take the bus today.”

“Yes Ma’am,” I say as I grab my wallet, phone, and my hat. I put on my shoes, kiss S, and head out the door. I power walk my way to the stop, each step causing the plug to move around inside me. I’m tight enough that it stays in place, and I can feel a little bit of drippage.

I get to the stop, and it only takes three minutes for it to arrive. Since my stop is the second one, there are only a couple people on the bus. I take a few seconds to scope out a seat, finally deciding on the back seat. I didn’t think it through, because as I sat down, and the bus took off, I could feel the vibrations of the engine through my seat, since the engine is in the back. The bumpy road only enhanced the vibrations, so I was sure I was turning a bit red with embarrassment. I was feeling a lot of pleasure though.

The bus packed quickly, so I kept to my phone to distract me. Nobody said anything about my kilt, they must have thought I was going to some event downtown. I got a few looks, but that was it. Then, the bus hit one huge pothole, and my plug felt like it fucked me, I let out a gasp and a moan. I looked to see if anyone heard me, and there were a few looks, nothing else.

The bus finally arrived downtown. I went to the doughnut shop and picked up four doughnuts. When I was finished, I received a text. “While you’re downtown, could you grab a bottle of Prosecco? Thanks!” So, I walk up the street to the liquor store. At this point, I barely notice the plug inside me, but I see the occasional pedestrian staring at the kilt. I get to the store, and feeling generous, I buy two bottles of Prosecco.

I head back to the bus stop, and wait a couple minutes for the bus. I feel a small breeze building up, and realize that I should probably sit down, as I don’t want to be arrested for putting on a show. Just then, the bus arrives. As I was the next person to get on the bus, the breeze intensified, and the back of my kilt was lifted slightly. “Fuck,” I thought to myself, since I had no available hands. I swiped my card and sat closer to the front. It was the same bumpy ride back, the plug teasing my prostate, and I’m pretty sure I’ve stained my jock strap all the way through.

I get to my stop, power walk my way home. My hole is gripping on to the plug, but I can feel it starting to slip out a little. I continue my power walk to the house. I made it just in time. I got in, put the Prosecco and doughnuts down. I kiss S, and hold my plug in place. S pulls my hand away. “Did you enjoy your adventure?” She slides Her hand up my inner thigh, to my crotch. Instead of grabbing my crotch, She reaches deeper and presses on my plug. I gasp and nod with a smile, lifting my leg a little. “That bus ride was bumpy.” She felt the sticky spot on my jock strap. “I guess it was!” She laughed a bit.

S took out the bottle of Prosecco. “Open this for me.” “Yes Ma’am,” and I slowly pour it into the pitcher. She looks at me “Why are you still dressed? You’re home now.” I stop what I’m doing and immediately undress. Still wearing my collar and harness, I grab two glasses and the pitcher of mimosa and bring them to the table. I pour us glasses, and we each take a doughnut. I kneel in front of her, resting my butt on my heels to apply pressure to my plug. “Good boy,” S says to me. I smile and sip my mimosa.