The Walking Dead

I’m not sure how many readers of my blog watch The Walking Dead or read the comics, but I have done both. I also watch Fear The Walking Dead, read the side stories based on The Governor, comic of Negan’s origin, and this one-off about someone in Spain who apparently is related to Rick.

Anyway, for those who watch the show, there are many people who have been waiting since season two or three to see Daryl and Carol solidify their relationship as a couple. There are a few reasons I can point out that will likely never happen.

First one is Daryl is asexual. There was a moment when they arrive at the prison that Carol asks Daryl in a flirty way, “Wanna screw around?” And Daryl just shrugs it off. Fast forward to when they’re trying to save Beth from the Atlanta hospital, the two of them are camping in one of the buildings, and Carol noticed Daryl had a book on child abuse. We knew from the marks on Daryl’s back and his interactions with brother Merle, he was abused by his dad as a child. When Carol gets involved with Ezekiel, Daryl doesn’t look like he approves of the relationship, and as I have said from the moment at the prison- their relationship is more like brother-sister.

Second one is maybe Daryl is heterosexual, but not for Carol. I think after we’ve seen Daryl with Connie, there’s something going on between them. He has been gradually learning sign language. It could be so he doesn’t have to waste paper by writing responses, but I think he has a soft spot for her. We still don’t know what happened to Connie though- she disappeared, so anything could change that theory.

Third one is something I’ve been thinking of since season five- Daryl is gay. When Aaron brings the gang to Alexandria, Aaron invited Daryl over his house to have dinner with him and his partner Eric. At one point, Daryl goes out to hunt or track, and Aaron follows him out there. The two of them find a horse, which doesn’t make it unfortunately, and they find a produce warehouse with trailers. They get trapped there, as the trailers were rigged. The two of them get rescued eventually by Morgan, and the three of them head back to Alexandria. Aaron also gives Daryl this pretty sweet motorcycle to help him with scouting for other people to bring back to the community. Along the way, Aaron loses Eric in the Negan war, and Jesus to the Whisperers. I feel that, at some point, Daryl and Aaron might be a thing. I might be wrong, and maybe neither of them find a relationship.

I think I’ve seen enough of these fandoms posting about Daryl and Carol, and I’m like “If it hasn’t happened in ten seasons, I doubt it’ll happen at all.” Unless you’re Game of Thrones and just throw people together in the last season.


I took this picture a couple weeks ago just before getting up.

I feel like I’m spamming everyone with these posts, but I feel like I am making up for days when I don’t post.

Went for a run in the park a couple weeks ago, took pictures next to mushroom carvings.


One of the things I have learned since being with Sir is the emphasis on pronouns, and how it connects with gender identity. I didn’t understand at first, but I picked up on it fairly quickly. I still occasionally struggle with getting some people’s pronouns right when speaking of them.

For the most part, I have always stuck with he/him as pronouns. I’ve been thinking a lot about this since coming out as genderfluid. Honestly, I’m not as committed to keeping he/him for myself. I think, in a sense, I could be he/him, they/them, or even she/her. I’ve become more comfortable with myself, and don’t think I should stick to one set of pronouns. Anyone can call me by whatever pronouns they feel like calling me.

Sir had shared the article with me about the new law with Rhode Island drivers licenses. They’re now allowing people to put “X” as a gender. I know She will be doing that eventually. I’ve decided I’m doing the same. I’ve also decided that I’m going by “Mx” instead of “Mr” if any application asks my preference.


The other day on Twitter, I found a bi tweet that said “Men in gray sweatpants does the same thing for me as women in sun dresses.” Sir responded with “What about women in gray sweatpants and men in sundresses?” And I replied with “I was thinking the same thing. You already have the gray sweatpants.” “We’ll have yo get you a sundress.” It later became a text convo, and it came down to Sir telling me not to get impulsive and buy one without Her. I agreed.

Anyway, Sir let me try on Her sundress Saturday night. We are trying to figure out proper sizing for my body. Wearing it felt soooooo liberating though. Just something to slip into that flows freely feels so great. I’m not sure when we will get one for me or how to go about trying one on that fits right, but I for one am excited. I have been feeling more feminine lately and I think wearing it really helped me decide how much I want one.

Painting My Toes

Still a bit messy, but I’m getting better.

Sir was taking me with Her to get pedis pre-covid. Since I miss the experience, I’ve been painting my toes with the colors Sir gifted me at Christmas. My first attempt was a bit sloppy, but this is my third time painting my own. I think I’ve improved a bit over time, and practice makes perfect! I think I’d like to expand to other colors- maybe some blues, pinks, and black. I also told Sir today I was thinking of getting some clear polish for my fingernails, as it might help me quit biting them.

New Workout Attire!

I showed off the new shorts I bought, but I didn’t show off the new tops I bought and underwear to go with it.

Apologies for the blurry picture.
Not as blurry as the last picture.

I initially tried on the white top, and Sir noticed immediately that the material is practically see-through- you could see my tattoo, piercings, and chest hair. The one in the picture is either black or navy blue, I can’t remember. The underwear came in five pairs- grey, black, teal, and two pairs that are black and grey. I don’t know how long it’s been since I got replacement tops or underwear, but the ones I had been using I have had for at least twelve years- it was time for some new ones.

More Thoughts Part 2

We started watching Billions last night. I have a bad habit of focusing on the performers in tv shows and movies, and trying to figure out in my head and out loud, who they are and what I remember them from. I think Sir prefers I just focus on the story of the show or I’ll miss details. For the most part, She’s right, but if I don’t figure it out in my head immediately, it’ll drive me nuts, and I’ll go through the same cycle next time they appear on the screen. Anyway, I spent a portion of the show trying to figure out who Giamatti’s wife and the other actor’s wife are in real life. I was convinced Evangeline Lilly and Olivia Wilde we’re who they were, and I was wrong on both of them. Maggie Siff and Malik Akerman were the actual people. I’m like “the guy from Sideways, Gayle from Breaking Bad, Tara from Sons of Anarchy, Silk Spectre II from Watchmen, and Dale from the Walking Dead” going through my head as I’m watching the episode. Also, I completely forgot Maggie Siff was in Mad Men. I’ve become a living IMDB profiler when watching these shows. I think it goes back to when I was watching TWD and Doctor Who on Netflix on my laptop. I’d pause when I recognized a face and look them up on IMDB. I can’t do that when I watch shows with people.

More Thoughts

I like to back to when I was comfortable enough to come out as bisexual to Sir. It was the first time I realized I was in a place where I could be myself and not feel like it was forced out. I feel like every day I slip deeper into my comfort zone. So comfortable, in fact, that I mentioned that I am genderfluid a while back. I went into brief detail about it, seeing as I could say I’m non-binary, but genderfluid just felt like the right term for my identity. I still use he/him pronouns, but I won’t limit it to just that- if someone were to call me they/them, or she/her, I would accept it as well. It got me to thinking about other things as well. Should I still go by Mr? I mean, I never really write it down, and the only time I see it is when I’m filling out an application for something. I’ve been thinking about Mx. to replace Mr., something about it feels right to me. I think when it comes to applications, I may start using other options that aren’t the “norms”.

I think having a supportive partner like Sir has really helped me come a long way with finding my identity. I have a few great friends who have supported me along the way as well. They love me for who I am and want me to be happy. And I love them back the same. Some of my friends play ACNH and I’ve let them visit my island. My avatar in the game is female. I was nervous of any weird comments, but nothing of the sort occurred. It just shows that they’re accepting of it and everything is cool. I would like to see more of that in real life.

She-Ra On Netflix

I have a blog on Tumblr that I used to periodically update about tv shows I was watching at the time, as well as rambling on about anything. Since the porn ban, however, I have broken away from Tumblr and haven’t really had any outlet to speak of tv shows I watch.

I figured I could get away with talking about some on this blog, since my last post was about gym shorts. I started watching She-Ra on Netflix in April or May, and I wasn’t sure if I would like it that much. I told a couple of my coworkers at the liquor store I was watching it, and one coworker in particular told me I was going to love it.

I watched the old series, but it is very vague to me with the details other than Adora becomes She-Ra, and they fight Hordak and the evil Horde. I noticed it had a different feel from the original series, not just in animation, but characters and story. I feel like the overall message they’re trying to say in the series is that love, friendship, and acceptance conquers all.

My favorite characters would have to be Entrapta and Scorpia. Entrapta is thought to be a princess, but she isn’t, she’s just insanely obsessed with tech, and building robots. She has very long hair that acts as extra set of hands at times. And, she carries tiny snacks with her. So cute. her voice gets annoying, but that’s part of her character. Scorpia is a Horde soldier. She looks intimidating, but she has a heart of gold and loyal to her teammates and values friendships. And makes it known she gives great hugs.

I think the representation in the show is what makes it great. I recall in the original series, the princesses all looked like Barbie dolls, and I’m pretty sure they were all adult from what I remember. In the newer series, they have different body sizes, they’re all very young, like early teenagers. Also, the one thing that caught me off guard- Bow having two dads! They live in and operate a library in the woods. It’s such a great feeling of representation in the series.

I don’t know who, out of all of you, have watched the show, and I hope I haven’t given a lot away, but I highly recommend checking it out.


I bought a pair of gym shorts on Amazon last week, and now I’m torn between using them for working out, or wearing them around the house.

Front view
Rear view

My apologies for the poor quality of the pictures, I snapped them quickly. Anyway, I wanted to talk a bit about gym shorts. When I first started working out regularly, I was 26. I went to Dick’s, Target, and Walmart, and raided the clearance rack for baggy shorts and your typical cotton tees with nothing on them or a sports logo. I grew tired of the cotton shirts getting soaked with sweat, wearing briefs was impractical for movement and collecting sweat, so I found those breathable fabric shirts, and some undershorts that served the same purpose. I’ve been using those for years now, and I’ve come to realize that I hated the baggy shorts. It’s such a 90s aesthetic that I think was brought on by the Jordan era NBA. I wanted something that would show off my legs a little better. The first pair I found was a pair of Adidas shorts that go just above the knees. They are perfect. I decided I liked them so much I wanted more, but by that time, I stopped driving, so getting new shorts wasn’t going to be an easy task. I went to Amazon, and found a good pair, somewhat similar to the pair pictured above. I went on again to buy an extra pair and they were out of stock. So, I got these nice running shorts that could double as swim shorts, as they have the mesh underwear sewn in. Same story- liked them, tried buying another pair, and out of stock. They keep running out of stock, so this particular pair is enjoyable, and I may try getting another pair or two.

The way I see it, is even if I don’t end up using them for the gym, I can at least wear them around the house, doing yard work, etc.